Cityville Hack: How to Grow Crops Instantly

Posted January 4, 2011 by Rob Rogers in Games

Cityville for Facebook is a social game that allows you to build your own city. Your businesses requires supplies that come from planting crops. As with other games that have crops, higher yielding crops take longer to grow, meaning it can take hours or days before you can harvest them and use them. This hack allows you to grow your crops instantly and harvest them immediately to quickly resupply businesses so that they can earn coins.

We will be using the Firefox web browser to perform this hack.

1. Open the Cityville application.

2. After it has finished loading, open a new tab in Firefox and put this in the address bar:

3. Press Return on your keyboard.

4. Press Command+F (Mac) or Ctrl+F (Windows) and search for gameSettings.xml.

5. Click the found link.

6. You will be given the location in your local cache for the file, open up Finder (Mac) or Windows Explorer (Windows) and go to the location. For example:


where 9C2D58DEd01 is the file that we are looking for.

7. Open the file by Ctrl+Clicking (Mac) or right-clicking (Windows) the file, selecting Open with and choosing TextEdit (Mac) or Notepad (Windows).

8. Decide which crop(s) you will be planting, forget about strawberries, the hack doesn’t work on them and they are quick and low reward crops anyways.

9. Search for the desired crop(s) by pressing Command+F (Mac) or Ctrl+F (Windows) and searching for plot_cropname, where cropname is the name of the desired crop. Examples include plot_peas, plot_wheat, plot_cranberries, plot_carrots, etc.

10. Look for the growTime tag in the code for the located crop.

11. Change the growTime value to a smaller value, such as 0.000000003.

12. Repeat steps 9-11 for any other crops that you want to plant. Make sure to not change anything else in the gameSettings code or you may experience issues with the game and have to clear your cache and start the hack from scratch.

13. Save your changes.

14. Go back to Firefox. Return to the tab for Cityville.

15. Refresh the page.

16. Plant the desired crops and be amazed at how quickly they are ready to harvest.

No more running out of supplies!! This hack will work until the cache has been cleared. After that, just repeat the above steps to get it back. If you plant new crops and they quickly wither, simply refresh the browser and harvest.


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  • Anonymous

    is there any hack to rise energy level instatly ?

    • Rob Rogers

      Not yet, but I am trying like hell to figure one out. I tried playing with the gameSettings.xml but would drop the connection with the server anytime I played around with energy numbers.

      • Coachtooz

        Could you essentially change things such as “coin yield” for crops to get crops for coins as well? will any of this work? I’m looking for a hack to get money/energy. Thanks!

      • Jason Renison

        this just got patched; 02-18-2011, 8:30pm EST

      • Zeebomb44


    • Robert

      I was able to change Energyregenerationrate= 300 to .3 and you build energy fast. There is one problem, when you spend the energy, you disco.
      Also I changed the reward for lake house from 180g to 3,000,000 gold. It gave me the gold. However, when you spend it, it crashes.

      • Robert

        Is there a work around with Train? Sell Goods at the high rate vs. cost of planting?

    • Zeebomb44

      can’t we do anything without cheating?

  • Coachtooz

    Does this hack reset itself? It worked for me last night and now is no longer working!

  • TheProdigy

    this did not work for me, i tried it twice and nothing happened,did they fix the hack?

  • Coachtooz

    This worked for me yesterday, it reset and now it will no longer work once I go back and repeat what I did before

    • Rob Rogers

      Everytime that Zynga makes a change to Cityville, you have to redo the hack because the cache is updated. This places the gameSettings.xml in a different location each time. A small price to pay for instant goods!

  • Rob Rogers

    The hack hasn’t been fixed so far, I still can use it at anytime.

    • Coachtooz

      Sahmanstears, thank you for your help. I have gone through a couple times now and still can’t get it to work again. I went into my advanced settings and upped by offline memory thinking maybe it had something to do with my cache resetting, but still haven’t had any luck. I’ll try again here shortly. Any ideas on why this might not be working for me now? Thanks

  • Xaxaartem

    The hack hasn’t been fixed so far, I still can use it at anytime. its true i use that too.
    But when i hacked he energy , when i become money i became energy boost for 30
    then cityville stopt the game and saying contact server … then automatically resfresh he the game -.-

  • Jofocrx

    when i open the file with note pad its just looks like a bunch of funny numbers and stuff u cant read? help

    • Dave Butler

      Got the same thing. Tried some other cache files. Some come out as text but not all. Looks like they caught us 😉

  • Ricc_mis

    Have been using this for a week or two BUT today when I attempted to open the file in notepad I got the same stuff as jofocrx. It starts with: “‰PNG 
    IHDR ½ ¥ ÈÜ# RiCCPICC Profile xÕyy8•Ý÷÷¾ÏÈá˜3Ç

  • Cityville

    This hack works absolutely fine, of course you need to update the file again if the game is updated or you flush your cache, I have been using this for the past 3-4 days and it is still working just fine. If you are too lazy or inept to read the instructions then move along nothing to see here. Big thanks to the poster of this article has literally saved dozens of days of waiting for me.

    • Ricc_mis

      Just in case your eloquent rudeness was directed toward me, you might note that I had been using the hack for a couple of weeks, which would indicate that I actually had read and followed the instructions. If you are too lazy or inept to read the posts, then don’t reply. On the other hand, if you have anything constructive to add that actually relates to the post, I would be happy to learn from such an erudite person as yourself.

  • Mrneedstuff

    ok so….i dont think this hack is working for me…i do what is said…but when i refresh…it is stuck a 69% and thing happens…i try refreshing again but it is still stuck there

    • Anonymous

      I just had same incident happen to me. How was this resolved?

      • Rens

        Same Problem

  • Kjacrap

    I changed the grow times to what was suggested 0.00000003 and when I plant something it immediately withers. Anyone else have that problem? If not what did you change your “grow time” to?

    • Kjacrap

      It looks like as soon as I plant it will wither but if I close out and then log back in, it’s fine.

      • Acedanny

        u dont have to log out u just have to refresh

  • Yashika-13

    Wow, I did exactly said as above and it worked like magic…i will not go out of goods anymore. Yhanks a lot

  • Yashika-13

    More.. for energy regeneration in the same file search for the following
    energyRegenerationSeconds and reduce it or energyRegenerationAmount increase to 10 so you get more energy every 10 secs

    • Kjacrap

      I altered the energy regeneration, but it triggered the program to “crash” and reconnect to the server, repeatedly. I even changed to the time to regenerate every 60 seconds (not every 10) but it still wants to “reset” and go back to the server. Anyone else get it to work without a problem?

    • Jason Renison

      had a money cheat but they just patched it; 02-18-2011, 8:30pm EST

  • Anonymous

    Has this been patched?! It’s no longer working for me.

    • Rob Rogers

      Not patched so far. If you run into problems, clear your cache and start from scratch. Sometimes there ends up being more than one copy of gameSettings.xml in the cache and you may be modifying the wrong one.

  • Ivinodsanghavi

    The trick of crop and energy restore works properly. thanks to shamanstears and yashika13. But now short of money. Any trick to increase money???

  • Mg Stevens

    Instant crop and energy restore work both for me 🙂 Thanks shamanstears and yashika13

    • CoachTooz

      They work without program crashing???

      • Rob Rogers

        The crop hack works without crashing, however I haven’t been able to get the energy hack by yashika13 to work without the game losing the server connection. Still trying to make that one work.

      • Mg Stevens

        The energy works for like 2 or 3 times then i have to reload, the crop hack works flawless. For ppl that keep getting withered crops, just copy the growtime value from strawberries and lower that a lil bit or just leave it n wait 5mins. My corn now grows in under 2 mins.

  • Coachtooz

    I changed the energy harvest to “0”, and it works, however same problem kjacrap…it disconnects from the server repeatedly. I can get 1 or 2 things done at a time, then it disconnects

  • Ivinodsanghavi

    Anybody….got trick how to increase coins…?

  • Dude

    It seems like zynga is comparing the energy status towards the server, when the energy is reported 0 from server the game is crashing trying to connect to server. Is there a work around for the energy reload problem? is there a way to tweak +3 energy packs?

  • Gameradit

    thanks dude..

  • Andre’ Spinner

    ok i added more hack than i need an messed my game up lol

  • Matthew Carpenter

    Um, it doesn’t seem to be working. I put in the first URL, hit Enter and got a blank page.

    • Ronnisim

      Go here:

      Download the Firefox cacheviewer and install it. Then click “Tools” then “CacheViewer” Search for: gameSettings.xml
      It will show you the entire path to the cache folder. Go to the folder, find the file, right click on it and click “Open” then open it with NotePad.

  • Chris

    Can they catch us if we use this hack?

    • V4lenthyno

      i don’t think so, because the gamesettings.xml it’s that what the game read on your local machine, the part with energy and cash it’s the problem because it’s directly with the zynga’s server

      • Chris

        I tried changing the chance to drop Comic Books to 100%, and after i reload the game, it works, the quest finishes, but after ~1min i get an Estabilishing conn to server.. then click to restart (stops loading a few times at 92%), and i get a rollback so i can’t use this to get colectable items

        any workaround for this?

  • V4lenthyno

    has anyone found a solution for energy or cash cheat and the server connetion lost after that ?

  • Billyperez52

    can seem to get past entering my location into Finder…no file pops up. What do I do?

    • Billyperez52


  • Leea75

    Seems to get patched today, can’t get it to work anymore.

  • Aizzal Azlan

    now im stucked at 69% on the loading page

  • V4lenthyno

    the cheat is not working anymore 🙁

  • Ömer Gezer

    crop hack still works, i set grow time nearly zero, but my crops get withered instantly, i just visit a neighbor and go back, then my crops stay growed withlout withering. but nowadays, there are lots of patches being done on the game, so gamesettings_xml is getting refreshed oftenly. when cityville gets a more powerful server that can handle all these calculations, none of this client side hacks gonna work anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Growing Plot_Peas or any other works perfectly. To get more storage space I went to line 25970 “Storage_Shack” and changed value from 1000 to 3000. This is the green shack that you buy for 20 Cityville dollars.IF you refresh you will loose any excess capacity. Suspect it will do same if you visit neighbor, although have not tried, already lost over 2000 goods and don’t want to find out by loosing any more.

  • Anonymous

    Cash and Energy is closely guarded by Zynga. I’ve tried everything to hack this to no avail.

  • Rensbesg

    My cityville keeps stuck at 69% loading :S, even if I change it back it won’t works anymore :S

    • Akita

      empty your cache

  • V4lenthyno

    I tried the other way keep my energy and change the value for harvest for example or to build to 0…but like aldemon said “Cash and Energy is closely guarded by Zynga” and i received the connection error 🙁 ….so keep trying guys

  • Akita

    The coin-thing is solved easy. 😉 Look for “sellBackRatio”, set it to 100 and sell some expensive buildings.

  • Ahmadi Anouar

    No! it doesn’t work 🙁
    if you refresh you don’t find this coins, in addition, if you try to buy something with it, you will not be able & you asked to refresh :/

  • Da Archer

    doesnt work man …i sold my 5 buildings …got the coins …then it asked for refresh …i lost both the buildings and the coins :@

  • Mihaitza Cu Coditza

    doesn’t work anymore. i gou tsuck at 69%

  • CoachTooz

    Been using this a couple months. Did it stop working now? The code in the gamesettings.xml is completely different now

    • Josy Desarcon

      I have same problem the code gamesetting is different now?

      • Couijanet

        have you another solution please thanks

  • Ravi Kirann

    this trick looks not to be working any more … anyone has an alternative??

  • Sannaingtun

    i think they know it so may be they change the code and encrypt the code to unicode that we can’t know 🙂

  • Peasant

    I growed my peas untill yesterday evening. But this morning i saw the scanges to the file, “gameSettings.xml.z” instead of the “gameSettings.xml” and no way to change growtime, becouse of file that opens (that – “file on disk”) looks like chinese alphabet. So i start thinking if the new file fetching every day will open the same thing tomorrow … hmm … the times of glory will be gone :/

  • MarkAbridges

    The games settings file was compressed to gzip not long ago. I used 7zip to unzip it, make the changes, rezip it and then reinsert it. The give away was the size 300k from 2.5M. It also had some info the about:cache?device=disk, it used the deflate algorithm. However, that doesnt work now the file is xml.z. Any help?

  • V4lenthyno

    I tried to copy the code of gamesettings from ( it’s like old one ) and paste it into xml file from cache. the problem is that the game get stuck at 69%. I believe there is a comand line where the game read only the encrypt gamesettings.xml.z. Any help?

  • Shindonism

    When I open the file using notepad, I can’t read anything and searched for plot_corn nothing is found. Maybe it is encypted? how do I fix this?

    • V4lenthyno

      you cant’t 😛

  • Johny

    it is encrypted by gunzip(?), you can uncompress it by the php code:

    and after changes has been done you can compress it by:

    It works perfectly, but i have a problem that if I do ANY change in file, it deletes my file from cookies and creates new :(. Then it has no effect :/ I used IE for this experiment
    Pls HELP

  • Johny

    ou sorry, code is not displayed. 
    Maybe without php marks? so


    $fname = “./gameSettings.xml[1].z”;$fr = fopen($fname, ‘r’);$fl = fread($fr, filesize($fname));fclose($fr);$fn = substr($fname, 0, -2);$fw = fopen($fn, ‘w’);fwrite($fw, gzuncompress($fl));fclose($fw);echo ‘Decompressing finished’ . “n”;

    $fname = “./gameSettings.xml[1]”;$fr = fopen($fname, ‘r’);$fl = fread($fr, filesize($fname));fclose($fr);$fn = $fname.’.z’;$fw = fopen($fn, ‘w’);fwrite($fw, gzcompress($fl,9));fclose($fw);echo ‘Compressing finished’ . “n”;

  • Johny

    wooooow it’s working! :)) But new edited compressed file gamesettings.xml.z must have the same size (now 498397bytes)  like the one witch zynga has. But I have the same problem as Kjacrap. It crashes when I use changed components. But not always. I’ll try fix it ;D

  • Johny

    I tied to realise a lot of ideas how to do some cheat. But the score which you can see is only for you. Real score is on cityville server. If you earn a lot of coins, it don’t reconnect, but when you refresh the game, your score and level progress and goods and coins get back :/ f*** that

  • Johny

    I tied to realise a lot of ideas how to do some cheat. But the score which you can see is only for you. Real score is on cityville server. If you earn a lot of coins, it don’t reconnect, but when you refresh the game, your score and level progress and goods and coins get back :/ f*** that

  • J13H

    use paint for that one 😛

  • Superbenoit

    This soft for gamesettingxml.z –> 😉

  • Sharareh

    This doesn’t work for me. I followed the instructions. Then the location was given to me but the problem is no such location and path exists in my computer. Any idea?

  • Arnel

    Any update for the Hack? Thanks

  • Daniel

    I cannot find gameSettings.xml

  • pranesh

    I cannot find gameSettings.xml

  • AleStu Gif

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