Motorola Razr V3: Transfer Files Through Bluetooth

   Posted September 25, 2005 by David Kirk in Windows

Bluetooth allows you to transfer pictures, videos, and sound files to and from your mobile phone without the use of expensive software. Read on to find out how you can start today.

I know that Motorola wants you to spend money on the its mobile phone tools. However, you can easily transfer files without them.

This tech-recipe requires that you have already established an active connection between your computer and cellular phone through Bluetooth. They need to be “paired.”

Send Files to your Mobile Phone:

    1. Click Start.
    2. Click All Programs
    3. Click Accessories.
    4. Click Communications .
    5. Select Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard.
    6. It will load. Click Next.
    7. Click Send File.
    8. In the Send to: box, your phone should be listed. If not, browse to find it. Click Next to advance.
    9. Browse for your file, and click Open. Then select the file you want to move.
    10. Click Next.
    11. Accept the file transfer on your phone.

    12. Save the file on your phone.

Send Files From Phone to Computer:

The following instructions describe moving a picture. Sounds and video work the same way.

    1. Click Start.
    2. Click All Programs.
    3. Click Accessories.
    4. Click Communications .
    5. Select Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard.
    6. It will load. Click Next.
    7. Click Receive File.
    8. In your phone, go to My Media.
    9. Go to Pictures.
    10. Select the picture you wish to send.
    11. Push the menu key.
    12. Select Move or Copy. (Copy will leave the picture on your device while move deletes it from your device after the copy.)
    13. In the Object Exchange screen, the name of your computer should be listed. Select your computer. If it is not, then select [Look for Devices]. Then select your computer once it shows.
    14. The file will be copied or moved over.
    15. Back on your computer, name and save your file.
    16. Click Next.
    17. Click Finished.

These steps are easy enough and no additional software or wires are needed. If you put your bluetooth icon in your system tray, you can right click on it and start the transfer process through there as well.


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  • Shaggy

    No comment just a question: Is it possible to install a bluetooth link or software into my pc? If so what do you recommend?

  • Name

    All my rzr says after that is “Seeking…” once i connect it to the link on my pc. frustrating since i can send a file to it via my pc.

  • Joe w.B rown

    I want to comment on the file transfer,I have a v3 razr an I paired it with my PC when i go send file it tell me that the device refused it,question is there something else I miss I followed the instruction an went over an over them but still got same
    message thanks in advance for help.

  • Stephanie

    Wow, this was incredibly helpful! I was frustrated at the charges I racked up just e-mailing myself the files when I can just send them straight to my computer. Thank you so much! This is great, I can’t believe I found this just now!

  • mark

    Good Information, thanks….How can I transfer photos sent to me in a text message on my Razr to my computer ?? In messages I don’t have the option to copy or move ??
    thanks, Mark

    • M

      I have the same question, my phone doesn’t give me the option to move or copy so how would I go about that?

  • Robyn

    I have an old razr that has long been without service that still has pictures I want on it. Will it work with a bluetooth adapter usb plug in as well?