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Windows 7: Installing and Using Windows XP Mode

Windows XP Mode on Windows 7 (Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise versions) simplifies running applications on Windows XP by utilizing a virtual environment. While you can run the guest OS in the Virtual PC window and execute your applications from there, you can also run them from the Windows 7 Start Menu (or Desktop). XP Mode is great for running older applications and for testing new ones that you aren’t ready to put on your Windows 7 system.

1. Make sure that your system will run Windows XP Mode.

2. Download the Windows Virtual PC Beta for Windows 7 and the Windows XP Mode Beta. Use the dropdowns to select the Windows 7 type and language.

3. After both files have downloaded, install the Virtual PC Beta. The installation will require a reboot, so make sure to save and close any open applications.

4. After you have rebooted your system, install the Windows XP Mode Beta. After you accept the license terms on this install, you will need to specify a password for Virtual Windows XP. Remember the password, you will need it later.

5. Upon completion of the installation, you will see a small box on your screen that says Setting up Virtual Windows XP for first use. This will run for a few minutes.

6. You will now see a window that asks for your credentials. Input the password you used earlier in step 4.

7. Virtual Windows XP will open. Install the desired applications as you normally would. You will find that your host PC’s drives are located in the Other section of My Computer.

You can run applications that you install on the Virtual XP from the Virtual PC window.

A cooler and easier way to run these apps is from Windows 7 itself.

Close the Virtual Windows XP window by clicking the X in the upper right corner of the window. Now go to the Start Menu on your Windows 7 machine.

Click on All Programs and scroll down to Windows Virtual PC. Click on it.

Click on Virtual Windows XP Applications. You will see the applications that you installed on your Virtual XP.

You can open the application from here or copy the shortcut to anywhere on your Windows 7 system and execute the app from there.

Note: The Virtual PC window must be closed in order to run the Virtual XP Applications from Windows 7.

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Rob Rogers
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