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Windows 7: How to Map SkyDrive Folders as Network Drives

If you use Microsoft’s SkyDrive for storing or sharing files, you can create mapped network drives that are easily accessible from your applications as well as the operating system itself.

1. Go to SkyDrive and login to your account.

2. In the address bar, after the http://, look at the address. Between the cid- and the, you will see a set of numbers and letters (your ID number). Copy the ID number, as you will need it later.

3. Go to the Windows Orb (Start button).

4. Right-click Computer.

5. Select Map Network Drive from the resulting menu.

6. Use the Drive dropdown to select the desired Drive letter.

7. In the Folder textbox, input \\\your_skydrive_id_number\^2Documents where your_skydrive_id_number is the ID number you copied back in step 2. This will map the drive to your My Documents folder on SkyDrive.

To map the drive to your Public folder, use \\\your_skydrive_number\^2Public

8. Click the Finish button.

9. After a few seconds, Windows will ask you for your credentials, input your SkyDrive username and password, click the Remember my credentials checkbox and click the OK button.

Your mapped drive will be created.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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