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Windows 7: How to Create a New Library

By default, Windows 7 comes with six Libraries (Communications, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures and Videos). You can create other Libraries if these don’t meet all of your needs for media like e-books, comics, tutorials, etc.

1. Click on the Windows Orb on the taskbar. Open your Libraries folder.

2. Right-click on an empty space in the Libraries folder.

3. Mouseover New and select Library.

4. Input a name for the newly created Library.

5. Right-click the new Library and select Properties.

6. Click the Add button and browse to a directory that you want included in the Library.

After selecting the folder, click the Include Folder button. Repeat this step until all desired directories have been added.

7. Use the Optimize this library for dropdown to select the correct type of optimization (General Items, Documents, Music, Pictures, Video, or Internet).

8. If you don’t want the Library to show up in the Navigation Pane, uncheck the Shown in Navigation Pane checkbox.

9. Click OK.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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