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All Word Shortcuts (for Free!)


By performing this macro, you will create a document that contains all the shortcuts available in Word.

Hundreds of Word shortcuts exist. Everybody uses a few. People buy books that have tons, but why purchase these when word contains a macro that will display every shortcut available for free?

1. Goto the Tools menu
2. Goto into the macro section and select the Macro choice
3. In the Macro name: select ListCommands
4. Select Run

how to run a macro that displays all the shortcuts available in Word

5. Select either selection in the popup box, although All Word commands is the most impressive.
6. Your new document containing the shortcuts (and then some) will be created.

This should work in all modern versions of windows including the Microsoft (2003, 2007, 2011) and Mac (2008, 2011) versions that have macro enabled.



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