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Excel 2007: Add Your Physical Signature to a Workbook

Once you have finalized a spreadsheet or workbook, you may want to add your physical signature (or actually an image of your signature) to the finished document. To do this:

1. Make sure you have an image of your physical signature.

2. Open your Excel document and verify that it is indeed finished and ready for your signature.

3. Go to the Ribbon and click the Insert tab.

4. In the Text section, click Signature Line and select Microsoft Office Signature Line.

5. A prompt will appear telling you about the Signature Services from the Office Marketplace, simply click OK to bypass it.

6. Input the signer name, title, and email address in the corresponding textboxes. If you do not want the date in the signature line, uncheck the Show sign date in signature line.

7. Click OK.

8. A signature line will be inserted into the document.

9. Double-click the signature line.

10. Once again, the prompt about Signature Services will appear, you can check the Don’t show this message again checkbox if you want to avoid seeing this prompt again. Click OK.

11. In the Sign dialog box, to the right of the signature line, click Select Image.

12. Browse to the image of your signature and select it.

13. You will see it inserted into the signature line in the dialog box.

14. Click Sign.

15. A confirmation box will appear, click OK.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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