Fix for Disappearing Music after iOS 4.2 Update

   Posted November 22, 2010 by David Kirk in Apple iPhone

Many users are reporting that the iPod app shows “No Content” when attempting to play music after updating to iOS version 4.2. This bug seems to affect both iPhones and iPod Touch devices. Luckily, the fix is easy.

Several users have contacted me today after updating to iOS 4.2. Instead of their normal supply of music and audio, the iPod app is reporting “No Content” and it appears all the music has disappeared.

The fix is simple. Reconnect the iPhone or iPod Touch back to your system and resync the device. All the audio remains safely on the device and after the sync, it will reappear safe and sound.

Bugs like this are not uncommon for Apple. We reported on a similar issue with photos after the original iOS 4.0 update.

It should be noted that I have actually experienced this issue with prior OS updates on the iPhone in the past as well.


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