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   Posted January 31, 2012 by David Kirk in Google

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Find the nearest gas station, discover the definition of a word, or get flight information. Even when you are without Internet access, you can access the power of Google using only text messages.

Send all your google SMS messages to 466453 (This corresponds to GOOGLE on your phone.) The text that is sent in this message will determine what information you get in return. Google does not care if you type in upper or lower case. Examples of google searches that can be performed using this technique are listed below.

example using google via sms

Weather: weather durham, nc or w nyc
Location Search: coffee 27713 or pizza, denver
Time: time London
Translation:translate good afternoon in Spanish
Conversion: 4 liters in cups

For general help information about the service send help.

Sometimes, simple questions and answers are possible if a single fact is the answer. However, this is unreliable. For example, Google lists India population as an example that supposedly works; however, it currently yields “did not return any results.”


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