How to Choose Eevee Evolution in Pokemon GO

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Evolving Pokemon is one of the features of Pokemon GO. Unlike previous versions of the game, you do not need to level up your Pokemon to evolve it into its more advanced form. You only need Pokemon candies for the specific monster that you want to evolve. Tech-Recipes has a specific tutorial on how to evolve Pokemon. This tutorial focuses specifically on Eevee evolution in Pokemon GO.

Eevee evolution is one of the most unique types of evolution in the world of Pokemon. Who would have thought that a cute monster like Eevee could turn into a strong Pokemon? Eevee can evolve into three different Pokemon, each with a different type of element. Eevee can evolve into a Flareon with the fire element, Jolteon with the lighting element, or Vaporeon with the water element.

Pokemon GO’s mechanics say that Eevee’s evolution is random; you cannot choose what type of Pokemon Eevee becomes. However, Pokemon Go has a secret: There are steps you can take so that you can choose your Eevee evolution. This tutorial will show you how to choose your Eevee evolution.

How to Choose Your Eevee Evolution in Pokemon GO

You do not have to worry about getting the same Pokemon every time you evolve your Eevee. Follow the instructions below to be able to choose your Eevee evolution:

1.Open the Pokemon GO app from your phone’s Home screen.Pokemon Go icon
2.When the game opens, tap on the Pokeball icon.Pokomen GO Pokeball
3.In the pop-up screen, tap on the Pokemon icon to view all the Pokemon in your bag.Pokomen GO Pokemon icon
4.In the list of all your Pokemon, scroll down and locate Eevee.Pokomen GO Eevee
5.Tap on your Eevee.Pokomen GO Eevee
6.Details about your Pokemon will be displayed. Pokomen GO Eevee Details
7.Tap on the pencil icon beside Eevee’s name to rename your Eevee. Pokomen GO Edit name icon
8.The new name will be the key to your preferred evolution.Pokomen GO Edit your Pokemon Name

Rename your Eevee to Rainer to evolve it into a Vaporeon.
Rename your Eevee to Sparky to evolve it into a Jolteon.
Rename your Eevee to Pyro to evolve it into a Flareon.

9.For this tutorial, I will change Eevee’s name to Rainer to get the water monster Vaporeon. Tap on OK to proceed.Pokomen GO Edit your Pokemon Name OK button
10.After renaming Eevee, close and restart the Pokemon GO app. This step is critical to ensure that the renaming process is updated on the server’s side.

11.Go back to your Pokemon list, and locate your newly renamed Pokemon, Rainer. Tap on Rainer to view more details about it.Pokomen GO Pokemon List Rainer
12.If you have accumulated at least 25 Eevee candy, tap on the Evolve button to initiate your Pokemon evolution. Pokomen GO Rainer Evolve
13.Watch as your Eevee evolves into a Vaporeon.Eevee Evolution2
14.You now have a Vaporeon. With enough Eevees and Eevee candies, you can get all three evolutions easily!Pokomen GO Vaporeon

You should have no problem evolving your Eevee into your preferred evolution as long as you follow the steps in this tutorial. If you ever have any issues, let me know in the comments section.


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