Word 2013: Change Auto-Save Interval

   Posted November 25, 2012 by Alex Bahdanovich in Microsoft Word

The default auto-save rate for Word 2013 is five minutes. You can force Word to save more often by adjusting the following settings.

I frequently adjust Word to save the auto-recover data more frequently. Potentially losing up to five minutes of data is very scary. I have had other people who feel that the hard drive crunching from the auto-save is distracting and want to this to occur less often. Either way, changing this interval in Word 2013 is uncomplicated.

1.Open Word Office 2013, and click FILE at the top left.

2.A new window should appear. Select Options from the banner on the left.

3.Select Save from the options on the left. 

4.Under Save documents, adjust the Save AutoRecovery interval. Select a smaller number for Word to save your documents more often. We chose 2 minutes. Then click OK


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