App Store: Use Keyboard Shortcuts for Quick Navigation

Posted January 6, 2011 by Rob Rogers in Apple Mac

Like many other applications, App Store has keyboard shortcuts associated with it for alternative navigation.

Command+Q – Quit App Store application

Command+H – Hide App Store window

Command+W – Close App Store window

Command+M – Place App Store window in Dock

Option+Command+H – Hide all other applications

Command+[ – Go to previous page

Command+] – Go to next page

Command+R – Refresh page

Command+F – Search

Edit shortcuts:

Command+A – Select all

Command+Z – Undo previous typing change

Command+X – Cut selected item(s)

Command+C – Copy selected item(s)

Command+V – Paste selected item(s)

Command+Shift+Z – Redo last undo procedure

Option+Command+T – Input special characters


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