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5 Best Email Hosting for 2018 – Connect to Your Visitors Smartly


For any online business, an email is one of the most important tools to communicate with their target audience. Whether you are a blogger or run an eCommerce store, an email service helps your business in a plenty of ways. For instance, it increases your brand recognition, enhances credibility, attracts new opportunities and lets you connect with your target market smartly.

When an email has so much to do for your online business, why don’t you set up a professional domain-specific email address that is linked to your site’s domain name? There are several email hosting providers available that can give you reliable, efficient and professional email hosting services.

So, if you’re looking to give your online business a new height, you may look for the following best email hosting for 2018, loved by millions of users across the globe. Continue Reading

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How To Switch To The New Gmail

Switch To The New Gmail

Gmail has increasingly grown its user base, Gmail now records about 1.5 billion monthly users. Every online service provider dreams of providing interesting and useful new features to stay ahead in this jet age and as such, Gmail has rolled out a new interface to provide better service for its users. this new interface is really cool and I am going to show you how to switch to the new Gmail. Continue Reading

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How to Save Data When Using Spotify

You can use your mobile data to download and stream Spotify music, but you may incur high data usage. This may not be a problem if you are on an unlimited data plan but if you have a monthly limit or on a pay-per-data-used plan, then you may incur high data usage billings. This article will teach you how to save data when using Spotify.
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How To Add Your Location To A Tweet

Add Your Location To A Tweet

Want to know How to Add Your Location to a Tweet? or perhaps you are actually not aware that the Twitter has a feature that enables users to tweet their specific location by name, neighborhood or any location of their choice. This feature is Twitter’s latest improvement to its location-based tweeting service which also helps people to tag any tweets with a specific location already stored in Twitter’s database of which you can add a new place and also see who is tweeting from a specific area. Continue Reading

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How to Use Incognito Mode in Youtube

Keep your Youtube viewing history protected. Turn on the incognito mode to keep Youtube and your computer from storing any of your Youtube activities. Learn how to use the incognito mode in Youtube through this article.

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How to Revert to Old Gmail Format

How to revert to old Gmail format

Gmail, also known as Google mail is a free advertising-supported email service developed by Google and Gmail has proven to be one of the best mailing services over the years, this can be attributed to its amazing features, wonderful services, and its swift interface. Gmail records about 1 billion+ monthly users, 75% of Gmail users were recorded from mobile devices, thanks to the Gmail mobile app. Gmail has modified its features and design so as to provide better service to users, Gmail has come up with a new design. The new Gmail look is really cool but may not be very user-friendly to some persons, you may have thought of a way to get back your Gmail’s old look, well, I am glad to tell you that your search is over, I will show you how to revert to old Gmail format. Continue Reading

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How To Block Apps On Facebook

how to block Apps on Facebook

Tech-recipes is here again with another amazing tutorial that’s going to reveal to you How To Block Apps On Facebook. Ultimately, I will presume we all know that Facebook is a Social media that has gone viral with about 2.13 billion active monthly users. And almost all Facebook users carry out various personal activities on daily basis and as a platform that wants to deliver the best service to its users, Facebook has provided useful and amazing features that keep you going. Continue Reading

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How to View Location History in Google Maps

Location History in Google Maps helps you track your visited place and collate useful tips and information based on the gathered data. Learn how to view location history in Google Maps here.
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How to Mute Direct Messages on Instagram

Mute Direct Messages on Instagram

Instagram has a large number of users and as such, there is a possibility that you may likely receive irrelevant direct messages from followers and fans, Instagram also put in consideration all possible cons and discomfort from fans and followers such that they have provided an option to mute direct messages on Instagram. Continue Reading

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How to Hide The Sidebar on Facebook

hide the sidebar on Facebook

Facebook is a social networking media that connects family and friends from any destination online, it allows you to share media to individuals or groups and even chat with friends and family. History has it that Facebook records about 2.13 billion active users, all these numerously increasing statistics can be attributed to the positive results ascertained by Facebook users. Facebook offers lots of interesting features; one of which is the sidebar that appears on the side of your screen. Some persons enjoy the appearance and usage of the sidebar to enhance a toggle between Facebook feeds and chats, also, some persons do not find the display of this Facebook feature cool, not because it’s not useful, but because its appearance may be disturbing to them. For those that find it disturbing, or that want to hide it for any reason, I am going to show you how to hide the sidebar on Facebook. Continue Reading

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How to Send Videos on Viber

Sometimes, images are not enough when you want to share one excellent experience. Pictures appear to be just a preview of the actual moment, they might speak of a thousand words though, but I say videos are more convincing and true-to-life. This article will teach you how to send videos on Viber.
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How to Snooze Emails on Gmail | New Gmail

Snooze Emails On Gmail

The act of snoozing in the tech world basically involves carrying-over an alert or alarm. Just hearing the word “snooze’ would bring memories from our alarm devices. I remember when back in the day I’d snooze my 6 AM alarm till it gets to 7 AM. The new Gmail has the snooze feature which basically lets you hide images until you are ready to read them. In this article, I will show you how to snooze Emails on Gmail. Continue Reading

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