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Twitter’s New Features in 2019 that Will Make Your Life Easier

On July 15th this year, users witnessed the emergence of a Twitter with new looks. Looks they can now change as they like. Twitter had been working on this new upgrade since the start of this year. The update is intended to make it simpler to move around Twitter; ranging from easy username changes to advanced search options. With this upgrade, the company aims to convey a progressively reliable, consistent experience across both the telephone and the web platforms with this update, according to a company representative. All the things that made you switch to the Twitter app will now make you switch to the Twitter web instead. Here’s a breakdown of Twitter’s new features in 2109.

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How to Reset an Android App Without “Uninstalling It”.

Many apps cease to work and it gets really annoying. Out of the same annoyance, many decide to uninstall the app. But that is not the best solution. Android phones offer an easy solution. This Tech-Recipe is “How to Reset an Android App without “Uninstalling it“. Continue Reading

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How to Track Your Order on AliExpress

AliExpress is the biggest online retail service. It is based in China. AliExpress is a website that enables small companies in China to connect to buyers around the world. It is the greatest B2B and C2C buying and selling portal. AliExpress is now competing eBay and Amazon in business. This little Tech-Recipe is a short tutorial on How to Track Your Order on AliExpress

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Posted October 30, 2019 by

How to Free up Space & Get More Storage in Android

This Tech-Recipe is going to present you with Four easy ways to free up space on your android phone.

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How To Index Computed Column In SQL Server

How To Index Computed Column In SQL Server

The computed column also referred to as calculated or generated column. Derived from other column value or an expression. This tech-recipe post inlined with published post How To Use Computed Column In SQL Server. Refer the earlier post as a beginners’ guide to a computed column in SQL Server. Continue Reading

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How to Share Instagram Posts to Stories [With Visual Instructions]

How many times do we see a stunning post by our friend or visually arresting picture by an art page that we want to share with our followers? Countless times. This simple way of sharing Instagram posts from your feed to your stories is also a boost for brands. They can share their latest posts on their feed and simply share them as their stories, and engage a wider following. Continue Reading

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How to Fix Facebook Android App Crash

You are watching a great video on facebook, all of a sudden your app crashes. You will be mad for two reasons. First, you won’t find that video on your timeline again. Second, you don’t know how to fix the app. Don’t worry. This Tech-Recipe will show you how to fix the facebook application crash on your android phone. Continue Reading

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Posted October 24, 2019 by

How to Add Design and Transitions in Office 365 Presentation.

Presentations! Presentations can hold a lot of power and impact. A good presentation can take you places. But a bad presentation can make you see your audience yawn and be bored to tears. Office 365 provides the most powerful presentation tool called the powerpoint. You can organize your presentation in the form of slides. This Tech-Recipe is a quick tutorial on adding design to the slides and transitions between the slides.
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How to Change your Profile Picture on Youtube Easily

Your Youtube profile Picture is the first thing a potential subscriber views. If it’s outdated, or lacking panache, he or she’s simply going to call it quits and sneakily tip-toe to other channels. So, it’s imperative that your profile picture is consistent with your intended audience. If it’s not, there’s no need to worry because you can easily change it. Continue Reading

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Posted October 21, 2019 by

How to Use Google Drive Application on Your Android Phone

You have bought a new Android phone. It is exciting, right? You want to turn it on immediately. You don’t know which android app you should download for data storage on the cloud?. Don’t worry! This Tech-Recipe will show you “How to use Google Drive Application on your phone”. Continue Reading

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Posted October 20, 2019 by

How to View your Blocked Numbers on Android (and Unblock Contacts)

Sometimes, in the sudden haste of anger, you might’ve blocked the number of a close friend or a relative. It happens. It’s nothing unheard of. And there are many things you can do to remedy the situation. It’s not something that’s tantamount to crossing some imaginary line and losing the chance to trace your steps back. Some of the things you can do to put things back in the right place are, access your blocked list, see your blocked numbers on your android device, and unblock contacts. Continue Reading

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Posted October 19, 2019 by

How to Record a Session on AnyDesk | Remote Access Software

This Tech-Recipe is a demonstration of how you can turn on Recording of a session on AnyDesk. For-Example if you are taking tuition online then you might want to record the whole session. This way you can rewatch practical demonstrations and keep a record of what people who could remotely access your device have been doing. Continue Reading

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How To Use Computed Column In SQL Server

Computed Columns In SQL Server_7

Computed columns or Calculated columns in SQL Server as the name suggest, computed based on other column values instead of manual user input. Regular columns are populated by user or external inputs. However, computed columns are derived using existing columns which receive input from a user. Continue Reading

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Posted October 17, 2019 by

How to Protect an MS Word 365 Document from Unauthorized Access

Imagine writing a very important document in MS Word. Just think for a second that someone edits it and steal the content. It hurts right? It hurts really badly. It’s just like your effort is wasted completely. Don’t worry! Here I am to save you from your work being copied and edited without your permission. This Tech-recipe will demonstrate how to protect your documents from unauthorized access in Office 365.

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Posted October 16, 2019 by

Introduction To DATETIME Functions In SQL Server

DateTime Functions In SQL Server_FII

Need for DateTime functions in SQL Server to keep track of date and time has always been a vital part of database design. Most database designs need to track date and time by storing and retrieving it for reporting purposes. Be it an e-commerce website where transaction, sales and purchases need a DateTime. Insurance companies, keeping track of policy expiration and generating sales using audit records stored with DateTime. Continue Reading

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