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How to Earn Money on TikTok – Through Effective Channels

The young sapling, TikTok, has blossomed into a full-blown app since its inception in 2017. The makers of TikTok now proudly claim that their app is the leader in short-clips and videos. And their claims aren’t unfounded. Giving a cursory glance at the app’s homepage will show you people are going batshit crazy, making content, and letting their presence known. It’s taken such massive strides in its popularity that it now has its own celebrities and superstars. Continue Reading

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How to Use Dark Mode on Mac

MacOS Mojave has a feature that allows any Mac to go on Dark Mode. With the latest trend of devices, websites, and operating systems offering Dark Mode, this is not a surprising move for Apple. Mac’s Dark Mode supports native Apple apps to complement the overall system look. This article discusses how to use Dark Mode on Mac.
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Multiple CTEs Query Definition In SQL Server

Multiple CTEs Query Definition In SQL Server

CTE shorthand for Common Table Expression used to simplify derived, nested and complex queries. In contrast, using CTE for writing & breaking complex logic, which is reusable and easily readable. CTE scope to single INSERT/ UPDATE/ DELETE statements, moreover, until the query lasts. Namely, CTE is similar to a view or derived table. CTE is not persisted in the database like temp tables. Additionally, writing recursive queries using CTE has another benefit.
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How to Use PowerShare on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to Charge Other Devices

You can use the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to charge other devices such as Samsung wearables (Gear S3/Sport, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Buds) and other WPC Qi-certified smartphones. The Galaxy Note 10 can serve as a truly wireless charger that charges your phones and wearables automatically without the use of any wire or any other accessory. This article will teach you how to use the Wireless PowerShare feature on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to charge other devices.
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How to Find Factorial of a Number Using Recursion

Recursion is maybe the easiest yet most problematic concept for the beginners to grasp. But you will get hand of this concept after this Tech-Recipe. Click on “Continue Reading” to read about Recursion and a very easy example. Continue Reading

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How to Know if Someone is Online on Facebook

There are tell-tale indicators that let you know if someone is online on Facebook. This article guides you on the things to look out for to know if someone is active on Facebook.
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How to Claim Instagram Account on Pinterest

Pinterest is the most amazing and intriguing social media platforms. From socializing with people to expressing your thoughts through blogging, marketing your product to conveying your interests. Pinterest has got it all. Todays Tech-Recipe is a tutorial on claiming your Instagram account on Pinterest. Continue Reading


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How to View Old Instagram Stories – View and Download Past Stories

Are you harboring the misconception that Instagram stories disappear for forever after 24 hours?

What if I showed you a way to view and download old and expired Instagram stories?


Courtesy of a feature integrated into the Instagram app and web, you can archive and unarchive your Instagram stories, and view and download them at a later time.

Here’s how it works… Continue Reading

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How to Make C++ Program More Readable and Modular

If you’re a beginner this Tech-Recipe is for you. If you’re a professional coder than this Tech-Recipe is a happy reminder. A reminder of why your school professor emphasized so much on writing programs with more modularity. Modularity is the beauty of any code, it improves readability which leads to better understandability.  Continue Reading

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How to Block an Application from Accessing the Internet in Windows 10

There are some software programs that keep updating and it gets pretty annoying. At other times there are programs that we want to use offline for the purpose of security, So we need a way through which we can stop the particular programs and applications from connecting to the internet. Continue Reading

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How to Change your Username on Tik Tok [2019 Updated]

The gaming world knows well the importance of usernames. They’re integral to shaping their online presence, setting them apart from the herd and giving cues about their personality. On social media platforms, they play a similar role. So, then why are arent users taking them seriously? Especially, on newer platforms like Tik Tok, a good username can be the stepping stone to a unique and popular presence. Continue Reading

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How to Unread a Message on Facebook Messenger

Often times we either want to ignore a message or want to be reminded of it later. Facebook messenger allows unreading a message. This Tech-Recipe is a quick tutorial on how to unread a facebook message Continue Reading

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How to Avoid Typos and Grammatical Mistakes Using Chrome Extensions

Typos can be pretty embarrassing. And grammatical errors in formal writings can cost big. Fortunately, there are tools available that can check your grammar and typing mistakes in realtime. Chrome offers many such extensions. In this Tech-Recipe let’s review the best chrome extensions for this purpose. Continue Reading

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How To Use Table Value Constructor In SQL Server

Table Value Constructor (TVC) allows to group multiple rows of data in a single DML statement. Before SQL Server 2008, inserting multiple rows to a table required multiple INSERT INTO VALUES clause. However, table value constructor (TVC) does this in one go. TVC works as a VALUES clause in INSERT/ SELECT as well as in USING clause within a MERGE statement. Continue Reading

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How to Change Your Age on Tik Tok to Reverse the Underage Ban

The FTC has taken pace in banning underage accounts after severe accusations were leveled against Tik Tok’s policies. Since then, we have received a rise in requests asking to explain the process to change one’s age on the platform. Continue Reading

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