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How To Comment With GIF on Facebook

Want to know how to send cool GIF images as comments on Facebook? Here is an article dedicated to teaching you how to comment with a GIF on Facebook. 

The number of people currently on Facebook is over 2.05 billion users, including your friends and friends of friends. Facebook is the world’s most popular and user-friendly social media platform, one cool thing I love about Facebook is the constant updates that keep rolling in with new features and functions.

Now, Facebook gives you the option to like posts/comments, react with different faces like anger, laughing, shocked, sad, wow and love. You can an also add images while commenting. I could go on and on about facebooks features and functions that make Facebook very user-friendly and most times, addictive.

To add more spice to your Facebook experience, you can add not only images to comments or smileys, you can equally add GIF images to comments and give it more life. Adding GIF Images to your Facebook comments is as easy as ABC and that’s what I will help you do in a matter of seconds.

Before I tell you how to comment with GIF on Facebook, let me explain what GIFs mean in the simplest way possible.

GIFs can be simply seen as short moving images that repeat the actions/movements. A GIF can be someone putting a teaspoon into his/mouth, someone clapping, someone crying, someone laughing, someone dancing, running, playing or doing just about anything. The action in the GIF keeps repeating itself and that’s what makes it stand out.

You get to understand how GIFs work and how interesting it looks when incorporated into comments. As a dedicated Facebook user you probably must have seen it on your friends’ posts, on a page with many comments or on a Facebook group.

Using the right GIF on Facebook comments also makes it outstanding. Comments with amazing GIFs always have a high interaction rate. The reverse is the case when you use something alien to the discussion via a GIF.

Now back to the real topic, how to comment with GIF on Facebook.

So, to use or comment with GIFs on Facebook, you just have to do something so simple. Yes, it’s really simple!


Steps on How to Comment With GIF on Facebook

1.  First of all, you have to log in to your Facebook account because it won’t work if you don’t log in or have an account. If you are logged in, then, locate the comment/post you wish to reply to with a GIF image.

2. Now click on the space to where you can type your reply.

If you need to add a word or two before the GIF, it’s probably better to write it first before adding the GIF, so it would be very understandable.

3. After putting the right words in the comment box, it’s time to locate the GIF icon. Don’t stress, it’s just close to you. Just look at the comment box on your PC or smartphone, the icon with GIF, that’s it. Just hit/click on it.

comment with gif on facebook

4. Now, a list of some really good GIFs will be displayed. Simply select one.

comment with gif on facebook

Well, your choice might not be on the list. Don’t panic, it’s normal. In case you would like a GIF to show a high five to your friend, you can find it right there. Just type the kind of GIF you want in the search box and hit okay.

You can search for keywords like (laughing, crying, wow, talk to the hand) and just about anything. The GIFs related to that will be displayed and you can select anyone you like. You can actually find GIFs for anything thing you imagine. GIFs for love, questions, angry, animals, fun and just whatever you can imagine. The list is practically limitless.

So, there you have it. That is how to comment with GIF on Facebook.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: Can I use GIFs on Facebook anywhere I want to comment.

A: Sure thing, provided you are commenting on Facebook, whether on a post, page, reply to someone or in a Facebook group, commenting with GIFs is possible.

Q: Can I use any GIF I want?

A: Sure thing, there are no restrictions when choosing which GIF to use. 

Q: Is it possible to find any specific GIF I am looking for via the search?

Actually, that’s a serious question. Well, the truth is, not every GIF can be found on Facebook. There are some GIFs you need to manually download and use. But the truth is, the GIFs on Facebook are numerous and the number keeps growing.

Q: Can I use GIFs and images in a comment box?

A: It’s just like saying, can I use my Bike and car on the same road. You can use a GIF and even add an image to the comment. It’s all there to help you express yourself.

Q: Can I send GIFs in private messages to friends?

A: That’s also a yes, Sending GIFs are possible even in private messages.

Q: What if I cant find the GIF I want on the list?

A: Well, if that happens, you can download the GIF you want and then save it to your device. To manually add it, just click on the image icon around the comment box, locate the GIF image in your device and select it. It’s as simple as that.

These questions will practically help you to understand how GIFs work and how to use them. Remember, GIFs draw more attention than normal images when used in Facebook comments.



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