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Google Nexus One: How to Use Folders to Store and Organize Your App Shortcuts

By using folders to group your various application shortcuts, you can stay organized and preserve precious Home screen real estate.

1. Go to the Home screen and long press and empty space on the screen until the Add to Home screen menu appears.

2. Select Folders.

3. Select New folder.

4. You will now have an empty folder appear on the Home screen with the generic name Folder. Time to change the name to a more useful label.

5. Tap the newly created folder to open it.

6. Long press on the title bar of the new folder.

7. When the Rename folder window appears, tap inside the textbook to bring up the keyboard.

8. Change the name to a desired label and tap the OK button.

9. The folder will now have the desired label. It’s now time to populate the folder with the desired shortcuts.

There are two different ways to place a shortcut inside a folder.

1. Drag an existing shortcut that is residing on the Home screen onto the folder.

2. Open the folder and then tap the Launcher icon to view your installed applications. Long press on an application’s icon to make a shortcut for it appear inside the folder.

When you are finished, you will have quick access to multiple applications and only take up one icon’s space on the Home screen.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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