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How to Add Links in Blogger

Adding links in Blogger articles can direct your readers to useful information from your other posts and from external sites. Articles with links score higher when indexed by search engines, which means that more readers are likely to find your content. Follow the steps in this tutorial to add links to your Blogger articles.

1.When you get to the point in your writing where you want to insert a link, click the Link tool in the Blogger toolbar. Blogger Link Tool

2.The link has two parts: the URL, which is the web address of the location where you want to go, and the Link Text, which is what the readers will see and click on to follow the link. The link text will be blue and underlined, like this. The link text can be a single word or a phrase. Blogger Add Link

3.There are two check boxes at the bottom of the Edit Link screen. Click the first check box if you want to make the link open in a new tab/window instead of taking readers away from your current page. The second check box turns on the ‘rel = nofollow’ attribute, which essentially tells search engines like Google to not follow the link when they are indexing your site. You can read more about ‘rel = nofollow’ on Google’s help pages here.

4.To edit a link, click on it and select Change in the blue box that will appear next to the link. This re-opens the Edit Link dialog box so that you can change the destination URL. You can change the link text directly in your draft without opening the Edit Link box. Blogger Edit Delete Link

5.To Remove a link, click on it. Then select Remove in the blue box that will appear next to the link, or click the Link icon from Step 1. Both options leave the link text intact, but turn it into normal text. Alternatively, you can simply delete the link text. This will remove the tie to the linked URL.

6.If you are adding in a link after you have written your whole article, you can highlight some words that you want to use as link text before clicking the Link button. This will add the link to text you have already written.

Ashley Blood
Ashley Blood
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