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iPhone: Delete a calendar event

Find a way to weasel out of that four hour Friday afternoon meeting? Enjoy the satisfaction of deleting the event directly on your iPhone after hanging up with your boss (you can stop the fake coughing now).

To delete an event on the iPhone, tap on the event to see its details.

From the event details page, click the Edit button at the top right of the screen.

In the editing screen, look for the big red Delete Event button at the bottom. Tap that and either confirm the deletion or cancel.

If you have opted to delete an event that repeats automatically in your calendar, when you click the Delete Event button you’ll be presented with the option in the confirmation screen to Delete This Event Only or Delete All Future Events as well as canceling the deletion. If this Friday meeting comes up every two weeks and you don’t think your boss will buy the coughing routine again and you have no more “living” relatives, you can choose Delete This Event and only that occurrence of the repeating pattern will be deleted. If you snapped an incriminating picture of your boss and have gotten out of all future meetings, tap on the Delete All Future Events.

If you delete an event on your iPhone, the event will be removed from your calendar application of choice if you have configured it to sync with your iPhone.



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