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Create LACP aggregates in Solaris 10

Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) allows multiple network interfaces to work together to increase bandwidth and redundancy. LACP is simlar to IPMP (IP Multipathing) however IPMP is wasteful with IP addresses and can cause problems with ssh remote execution. Whereas LACP only requires one IP address, you need to ensure that your switches support LACP. […]

Posted March 15, 2006 by

Simple Solaris IP Multipathing

IP multipathing consists of grouping two identical network cards together and having a live IP address be able to automatically fail over from one card to the other with no loss or degredation of service.

Posted May 25, 2005 by

Solaris 10: Set Subnet Mask in Zone

A netmask setting is not available when creating a zone, and the /etc/netmasks file is not consulted when plumbing up zone interfaces. This tech-recipe describes how to force a netmask when creating a zone.

Posted December 2, 2004 by

Get MAC Address without Root

Of course, you can grab the MAC addresses for your interfaces with “ifconfig -a” as root on Solaris 8. However, if you want to get them as a regular user use arp.

Posted October 5, 2003 by

Add a default route

This command will add a default route (gateway). You should create an /etc/defaultrouter file with the IP to have it set to this for each boot.

Posted October 5, 2003 by

Solaris: Get default route information

Get information about the default route (gateway)

Posted October 3, 2003 by

Change the subnet mask of an interface

If a network interface was configured with the wrong subnet mask as can happen when the default subnet is selected with a variable length subnet mask, a simple configuration change will fix it.

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Remove a virtual interface in Solaris

Solaris allows multiple virtual or logical interfaces to exist with different IP addresses on the same physical interface. Virtual interfaces are created or plumbed up using the plumb directive in ifconfig. They are unplumbed using the unplumb directive.

Posted October 2, 2003 by

Solaris: Check hme ethernet link speed, duplex, and status

When troubleshooting networking issues, it is often helpful to determine the state of an ethernet interface. Solaris offers access to many configurable networking parameters through ndd.

Posted September 30, 2003 by

Configure interface automatically with DHCP

Solaris can request IP address and other networking information dynamically with DHCP.

Posted September 4, 2003 by

Create a Virtual Interface in Solaris

Virtual interfaces allow a single ethernet interface to listen on additional IP addresses.