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Posted March 19, 2007 by

PPTP on Cisco ASA or PIX 6.3 or later code

In PIX 6.3 and later, support for PPTP through the PIX has been added.

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Posted February 9, 2007 by

Cisco PIX Logging: Debugging to Emergency

This article is an outline of how to set up logging on your PIX, viewable to a syslog or through the show log statement. This information is targeted toward the more recent versions of PIX IOS, the older versions run along the same concept but have some different commands.

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Posted February 6, 2006 by

Changing an ACL on a Cisco Firewall

Although changing an ACL on a Firewall is almost exactly like a router, there are a couple nuances that people should know. Here are some tips and best practice material.

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Posted September 23, 2004 by

Port Redirect to Inside Host on a Cisco PIX Firewall

This Tech-Recipes tutorial explains how to configure a PIX to redirect traffic to an inside host via port re-direction. An expample would be if you allowed your PIX to get its external address via DHCP, but you wanted to access a ftp server on the inside of your firewall as well as another host for […]

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Posted August 30, 2004 by

Cisco PIX: Password Recovery/Reset

The password paradox is a commonplace condition. Make your passwords strong and difficult to guess, change them frequently, and do not write them down. It is a formula for forgetfulness. Eventually, many organizations find themselves locked out of their PIX. This tech-recipe describes the process for resetting the PIX password.

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Posted February 9, 2004 by

PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) through PIX Firewall

How to pass PPTP traffic through a PIX Firewall This recipe is outdated.

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Posted January 29, 2004 by

Cisco PIX: Allow Traffic to an Internal Host

The following tech-recipe describes how to permit selected traffic to an internal host.

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Posted October 27, 2003 by

SSH Configuration on PIX Firewall

This tech-recipe explains configuring encrypted remote sessions to PIX Firewalls with SSH.

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Posted October 4, 2003 by

Static map to internal device on a PIX

How to add a static map through a PIX to a device on the inside of your network. A one to one translation.

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Posted September 18, 2003 by

Configure PIX interface by DHCP

In many situations such as remote sites connected by DSL or cable modem, the outside interface IP address of a firewall must support dynamic addressing by DHCP.

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Posted September 18, 2003 by

Load a New Cisco PIX Software Image from a TFTP Server

TFTP (trivial file transfer protocol) provides a convenient means of quickly transferring a Cisco IOS image to a firewall over an ethernet interface. This procedure is substantially faster than transferring over a serial port.

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