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Posted November 18, 2010 by

Bourne/bash shell scripts: string comparison

Brief tutorial describing how to do string comparisons. Recently updated thanks to comments from our users.

Posted April 2, 2010 by

Create NSIndexPath for UITableView in iPhone/iPad App

Once you get past basic table view applications on the iPhone or iPad, you may run into the need to create an instance of NSIndexPath. NSIndexPath is an interesting class that stores the path to get to something in a nested set of collections. In an iPhone UITableView application, NSIndexPath is central as it provides […]

Posted March 19, 2010 by

PHP: Camel Case to Spaces or Underscore

Recently while working on a project, I found I needed to convert camelcase strings to space-separated strings. This same technique will work if you want to convert camelcase to underscore separation as well.

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Posted March 5, 2010 by

Symfony: Detect Which Version is Installed

The Symfony php framework is frequently updated. Detecting which version is actively installed, however, is not well documented. Here is how to do it.

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Posted January 30, 2010 by

Cocoa: Convert number to comma-separated NSString

At some point in your Mac, iPhone, or iPad development you may find the need to express a long number (1000000000) as a comma-separated string (1,000,000,000) to make life easier on your users. The NSNumberFormatter class is a rich tool for converting numbers to strings supporting different types of currencies and localizations. It’s also the […]

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Posted November 25, 2009 by

Symfony: Drop Down List Box Without Submit Button

I needed a drop down list box for a symfony site I was designing. As a newbie symfony programmer, I wanted to record this so I could reference it later. Although this uses a little javascript, it will correctly function and is backwards compatible to users without javascript enabled.

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Posted February 12, 2009 by

Pear Fix for “Error: Unable to Unpack”

Recently while trying to install some Pear packages, I received an odd “Error: Unable to Unpack” message. A search for this error message found a lot of complaining people and not a lot of answers. I finally figured out the cause and the fix for this common Pear problem.

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Posted October 20, 2008 by

Cocoa: Explode or break an NSString into individual words

Breaking apart a string of text into component words is a requirement for performing searches in text and other text processing. This task is easy in Cocoa/Objective-C, although it requires digging through a few class references in the documentation. If you need a more complicated expansion of a string, at least this code will give […]

Posted September 30, 2008 by

PHP: Upload Files to the Server

With PHP, it is simple to upload any file to your server.

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Posted July 4, 2008 by

Symfony / Propel: How to Left Join

A JOIN is a way to connect related database tables by the common values between them. A left join contains all of the rows from the primary table plus related members of the second database if they exist. Using joins can significantly reduce the number of database queries required to render a web page. This […]

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Posted June 27, 2008 by

Symfony: Rebuild from Schema.yml Without Loss of Data

As my test database became more complex, I hated entering data again after doing a propel-build-all. Following these commands, you can save your database content after rebuilding your database from your schema file.

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Posted April 6, 2008 by

Symfony: Delete an Application

The command line provisioning utility in symfony provides mechanisms to create an application, but doesn’t have the means to delete one. If you’ve unintentionally created an application or no longer need an app and want to do housecleaning, this Tech-Recipe describes how to get it gone.

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