How to View and Save Facebook Chat History

   Posted August 18, 2010 by Lê Hoàng in Internet

Facebook does not have a chat log history. Recovering the chat history once the chat box is closed is impossible. If you want to be able to record, view, and save your Facebook discussions, this tutorial is for you.

“Oops, I forgot something in my Facebook conversation!!” Have you ever faced this problem when you closed a conversation and logged out of Facebook? This firefox browser extensions can prevent this from happening.

Note: This is not a recover tool so it only store chat log after it has been installed. Earlier conversations can not be recover.

1. Install Facebook chat history manager and restart Firefox.

2. Log into your Facebook account.

3. Go to Tools->Facebook Chat History Manager->Get Facebook ID.

4. Click on Close login window when you see the message: You may now close this window and return to the application. A new box, which contain your ID will appear, copy your ID and hit OK to close both windows.

5. Go to Tools->Facebook Chat History Manager->Creat Account.

5. When the Create Account window pops up, paste your ID in the Facebook ID field. You have option to create a login name, which may be useful when you have multiple Facebook accounts. (Login name and password are different from your Facebook usename and password) Click on Create when you’ve filled in all the fields.

6. To view Facebook chat history, go to Tools->Facebook Chat History Manager->View History . (This will open chat histories in your current Firefox tab.) You may have to provide the username and password (which you you created in step 5)

7. The user interface is pretty simple. Click on an your friends’ username on the left side and you will have all chat histories on the right side.

Here is the tutorial video showing the steps described above:


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  • guinea pig hutches

    The Facebook chat history viewer isn’t very pretty, but does what it’s meant to do. On the top bar, you can select a period; on the left, a friend. To view older conversations, select ‘previous‘, or use an input field to jump to a specific page.

  • Wilito9

    does this saves ur old conversations too?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Wilito9 :)As i said, this is not a recover tool so it only store chat log after it has been installed. Earlier conversations can not be recover.Ofcourse, it does save your old conversations, you can watch the video :)Hope this help 😀

  • shkinglis

    I can’t seem to get this to work, it just won’t show me any of my chat logs… does it function on Macs too?

    • Anonymous

      Hi shkinglis :)I tried it and it works perfect for me :)By default, it will display chat histories of last week. you can try to click on Today.If it still not work, try to restart your browser, maybe there’s something conflict with this addon :)Hope this help 😀
      You can follow me on Twitter (click on the tipztv icon) and we can discuss about your problem 😉

  • Cboi0

    Does this save chat history to be viewable from your computer no matter where you are logged in to? like if I log into another computer and chat, can I go back and view the history on my computer if its installed on my computer?

    • Anonymous

      Yes you can 🙂

  • Jennyzhen112

    hey. idk why but on my friends list. it’s empty like blank. How can i add my friends onto the friend list (left side ocrner?)?

    • Jennyzhen112

      actually, never mind i got it =.= but it still didn’t save any of the chat conversation a week ago =.=

      • Anonymous

        It saves conversation histories from the day you install it 😀 The last week column is a misleading one 🙂

  • Rexor

    i have no facebook chat history manager.. where i can get that?

  • Sasha

    Hello, everyone!
    If I was chatting with my friends at work…. and I don’t have that application installed on that computer…but having come home, I want to retrieve those messages and that app is already installed on my home computer…. can I access those messages (when I was chatting at work) at home? thanks in advance!!!!!

  • Wind Of Wolf

     okay, i need to know something, if i instal everything, will this program saved chat history from another account?And can i see that with my login name and pass? tnx

  • lore

    As I delete a chat history facebook friend?

  • adriana

    tengo algunas conversaciones grabadas en el history manager que había eliminado de facebook pero quiero que devolverlas a mi facebook como hago?