iTunes 11: Download All Podcasts

   Posted December 5, 2012 by David Kirk in Apple Mac, Music, Windows

The command to download all episodes of a podcast is difficult to find for many users.

Thanks to LemonadeBowTie on Reddit for pointing this feature out to me. Many of our users have been looking for the ability to download all the episodes of a podcast at once.

With the current redesign of iTunes, the download all option is hidden within the podcast List view.

1. In the Podcast library, select the List view.
2. Click the small black arrow to the left of the podcast subscription to see all the episodes.
3. Click the white arrow in the gray box to the right of the podcast subscription to download all the episodes.

steps for downloading all podcasts in itunes 11

You must be subscribed to the podcast to download all the episodes. If you see the subscribe icon instead of the download arrow, you must select it first.


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The Conversation

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  • David Kirk
  • Keith Brandt

    Thanks for all your info, Dave. You mentioned that you must be subscribed to a podcast in order to download the podcasts. I’ve yet to discover HOW TO SUBSCRIBE with iTunes 11. The old Advanced Menu is gone. Luckily I was already subscribed to my podcast of interest, but still trying to figure out how to subscribe to others directly from iTunes.

  • norm

    I can’t do it. I’ve tried and tried and tried. I clicked on the arrow to download. It says downloading, but nothing transfers to my Ipod. What am I doing wrong?

  • tom

    thanks man. that was driving me crazy!

    • David Kirk

      You are welcome!

  • DS

    Th post title is misleading: “iTunes 11: Download All Podcasts” suggest an explanation of how to download all episodes of all podcasts in iTunes 11 at once. Yet, you are explaining how to download all episodes of a single podcast. I suggest renaming the post or adding this second bit.

  • farts

    Thank you so much for this! I hate clicking the button 200 times…

  • Axl Rose

    Thanks man, it was so much useful. Before I learn it from you, it was so much upsetting and painful for me to manually download each episode! Thanks a lot again…

  • Joseph

    Thank you. I was very close to giving up on iTunes because of this. I can’t believe they hid this option in such a convoluted way.

  • 4mla1fn

    thanks! this new itunes sucks so bad. apple once was revered for having user-centered design and user-friendly products. i don’t hear that much anymore. no wonder.

  • Darrell Wilson

    Thanks for the info on the itunes podcasts. I was looking to update all subscriptions in one click and you got me close enough. After I selected the list view there is a refresh button in the bottom right corner that worked!

  • Kelly

    Thanks so very much. You are a GodSend !!

  • Ian

    Many thanks it was a great help
    It seems that with each new release of software they make anything that was easy before harder or obsolete, especially if they are not obtaining revenue.

  • Luke

    Awesome thanks!

  • Enock Akech

    I don’t know why I been tried to download the iTunes and it was refused? So I the help.

  • Paul Price

    This does not work on a Mac using iTunes 11.1.5. It’s very annoying to have to click every lecture in an iTunes list of 40 or more.

  • Alexsandro Souza de Lima

    Wonderful. Thanks a lot!!

  • Matt

    What if that down (download) arrow isn’t there?