Google Chrome: Add a Print Button to the Bookmarks Bar

Posted September 5, 2008 by Rob Rogers in Google

Most browsers have a print button so you don’t have to hunt for the correct menu selection or rely on remembering the keyboard combination. You can add a print button to your Bookmarks bar, making it easily accessible any time you need it.

1. Open Chrome.

2. Right-click the Bookmarks bar and select Add Page.

3. In the Name textbox, input the word Print.

4. In the URL textbox, input the following:

5. Make sure that the Bookmarks bar folder is selected and click OK.

or just drag this link to your Bookmarks bar: Print.


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  • crispinr

    and Print Preview/ 🙂

    • Ida Highlander

      > I typed this out once before but I didn’t know how to deliver it to you. The submit button was not there. Now it is, amazing. I have also worked hard to find some way to type or at least add a print button. It must be some big secret. It just shouldn’t be this difficult.

  • Effem Tee

    Thank you. Very helpful. Now, how about a Print Preview?

  • Vadimir

    How about print selection 🙂

  • cindy

    Can I add a save button, too?

  • Hunter

    Great tip! Thanks!

  • Maarvin Gold

    I can’t this to work

    • kscience

      You nee to put in a space between the text and the ( ) apostrophes……

  • kscience

    too many windows entitled users it looks like…

  • srlmcb

    Thanks! that helps print a page! but what if I just want to print out a section of the page. On my printer box I usually can select this on selection.

    • Lygia


      And… Can you see a page before printing?


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the tip. Works as advertised!

  • Anonymous

    You can then add that same PRINT link to your other links that you may have created and have created a folder by dragging and dropping it to that folder (if any).

  • Anonymous

    it didn’t!!

  • Evelyn

    Thanks, I still don’t understand why google would leave something so important out like that

  • Name

    Wonderful . I have spent a long time trying to add an print icon to the tool bar . I just dragged your PRINT link to my tool bar and Hey Presto it works! Thanks, sanity now restored.

  • Valerie

    Thank you for posting this. It worked for me, but doesn’t have the capability to print SELECTION.

    • TryTohelp


  • Printing in Leeds

    I guess we can get the print view before printing in chrome.

  • Steve

    WELL DONE – Its something that needed to be known by everyone- Thanks so Much !!!


  • Wocaisse

    That was simple and easy to do. and it works. Thanks so much for the hint.

  • TryTohelp

    copy the javascript above and paste it as a link in a new link in your booksmark bar or Google PrintWhatYouLike for the lazy among us, (Me included)

  • Lyndseyr82

    just right click on your mouse on the page you want to print and a box will pop up, select print and hey presto !

  • Fizerfive

    Thank you! Simple and very convenient!

  • Deadlybonds1

    Omg thanks it was really helpful at a last minute work.

  • Huntingtonunderground

    This ROCKS, thank you!

  • Abc

    Trytohelp – your a star! Works a treat

  • LiLev

    Thank you! You should start with the “drag to your bookmark option” I had already done the longer way before I saw the simple one 🙂

  • Dragon

    OMG chrome sucks I cant believe they left a print button out geesh google sucks

  • Guntis Liepins

    It is neither simple, not convenient. Fact that me ( user ) has to search internet , enter jsavascript code where addresses are supposed to be, then drag that code somwhere to print out page is absolutely major usability flop.

  • Nikky

    Freakin A! How do I get a Bookmark Bar? I have right clicked on everything I see at the top of my Chrome and nada…I have tried to add a bookmark with the javascript and it doesn’t save it so I can use it later. Am I supposed to commit it to memory? Major step backward Google. Highly disappointing for a brand known to be clean and user friendly you have made me have to Google my Google. Thought I was annoyed when I had to play hide and seek to find how to change my password on Gmail…that was nothing! Arggg!

  • Daniels558

    Brilliant, now I can print on Google Chrome at last. Thank you

  • Lakshmi Shyam Sundar

    Thanks For this Command .. 

  • Siddhesh

    Helped a lot! thanks!

  • Marie

    I tried the above……I got the symbol on my bookmark bar……does not print…..Help

  • Marie

    I tried to put Print bookmark on bar… got there… does not print from the bar. Help

  • Binit

    How to add it to a modal Window and how to print only Page 2 if clicked.

    Thanx in advance

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    Great issues altogether, you simply received a new reader. What would you suggest about your submit that you just made some days in the past? Any positive?

  • Timer Guy

    Thanks for this. Really dumb of Google to not have included this and some other Firefox tools. I much prefer to have frequently used tools readily available and not have to search a drop down menu.

    Your contribution is appreciated.

  • peter levine

    thankyou for your method to add print to the google chrome bookmarks toolbar is there any way to add the FIND icon to the toolbar
    Thanks Pete

  • Debra

    Works great; thank you for making this available.