BlackBerry: Use the Firewall to Block Various Types of Incoming Messages

Posted August 16, 2008 by Rob Rogers in Blackberry

You can use your BlackBerry’s firewall to block SMS, MMS, PIN, and/or BlackBerry Internet Service messages. This can be useful in avoiding spam or preventing you from ringing up extra charges.

1. Go to the Home Screen on your Device.

2. Press the menu key to show all your applications.

3. Select Options.

3. Scroll down and select Security Options.

4. Select Firewall.

5. Set the Status to Enabled.

6. Under Block Incoming Messages, select the type(s) you wish to block. (choices are SMS, MMS, PIN, and BlackBerry Internet Service).

7. Press the menu key and select Save.


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The Conversation

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  • puffdragon

    is there anyway to view these blocked messages after they have been blocked?

    • Anonymous

      No once they are blocked then u cannot see those msg….. that is what i have heard of…. anyways let me know if u can view them….

    • Pradeepvisoulia

      have u find the way how to see or read blcoked sms mms ?ty

  • Anonymous

    Is it possible to allow known people to send me SMS and block only unknown senders? I tried it and all the incoming messages were blocked. Another problem is that it wasn’t possible to read the blocked messages.

    • Anonymous

      Well you can do that and for this you need to select the option except messages from contact. This means that if any person who is not on your contact list send u a message it will be blocked, but if they are present in your contact list you should receive them without any issues……

  • Anonymous

    if someone blockes your sms via firewall settings woudl you still receive a delivery report saying it went through to the phone that blocked you?

  • Jd_007

    when it says you can block the messages from specific people how do you pick those people??

  • Mohammed_ali708

    is it possible to read the messages later on if i would to read these messages.

  • brooklyn

    if you bl0ock sms on bb, will they recipient receive a message saying could not sent

  • Bob

    I just looked at my usage and Verizon still charges me $0.20 for each blocked message. I have never been able to read them after they are blocked or even see who sent them. People tell me they sent me a text and I never responded so they must believe the sms to have gone through.