Blackberry : No Internet Browser icon / Problems with Enterprise Activation

This recipe is for all of you IT peeps out there that deal w/Blackberry’s and activating them via Enterprise Activation. Sometimes I receive new Blackberry’s that are missing the Internet Browser and will not activate via Enterprise Activation. This recipe will solve this!

Blackberry and Missing Internet Browser icons / Not able use Enterprise Activation:

This guide explains how to get the Internet Browser icon to show up for a new Blackberry and also download any missing services required for Enterprise Activation.

On the Blackberry, go to Options > Network

Click in the Network screen and choose the option to “Start Provisioning“. You should then see network activity on the Blackberry.

Go back to Options > Advanced Options. Then go to Host Routing Table and click into it.

Once you are in the Host Routing Table screen, you’ll notice that there is probably nothing showing, click and choose the option to “Register Now“.
Once you do that, you see again network activity and also you should a list of items showing in this screen. I will usually do the “Register Nowtwo more times (since whenever I call sprint or verizon, they suggest to do it that many times).

Now go back to the main Blackberry Home screen and give it a few minutes and you should get the internet browser and also be able to do an Enterprise Activation.

If not, you may have to end up calling the carriers to see if they didn’t do something on their side.


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  • San

    Good job dude… this def worked for me…

  • dangel

    wow! thanks so much. you made me really happy. Smiling : – ]

  • DD

    My blackberry was missing the browser icon and this totally worked! Thanks!

  • Braeden

    I cant find Start proving under network plese help

  • braeden

    I cant find START PROVISING in NETWORK please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tung

    go into mobile network, then click the application hard button.

  • joe

    thanx dude u been a great help!

  • carolann

    how in the heck to do u go to options??

    • Abc123

      Theres a wrench in the Applications Menu.

  • abc123

    Good Work..

  • Andrew

    Thank you so much! This guide was extremely helpful!

  • Anonymous

    thanks so much this worked perfectly!!

  • robert55

    i got a black berry pearl from a friend and i put my sim card in the phone and i cannot use the browser to go online.. can someone help me

  • Robert Downey

    i got a blackberry pearl from a friend and i am unable to use the internet browser because it doesnt show or work in my applications screen.. can someone help me

  • Short. To the point. Successful. 5/5

  • chat guerrero

    I tried that already, but it’s not working. What else can I do? I cannot browse with the Internet Browser icon. Where cam I download the application?

    • chat guerrero

      please reply here. please. thanks.

  • Ritesh

    Awesome , it worked for me too, thanks alot.

  • Danielle

    Thank you sooo much this actually helped me out a lot. Thank you again!

  • Anonymous

    why my blackberry theres no internate browser?

  • Anonymous

    how to install internate browser?

  • jasper

    i cant click on the network….because if its 7100t?
    and then if i click on the host routing table it says “Registration message queued. it will be sent once data coverage is available?

  • Thank you! I was unable to see my browser as well and your trick helped me!

  • mallllllll

    thank you!! worked perfectly!! 🙂

    • 203

      you are the man…worked perfectly!

  • anony

    I can’t find Start Provisioning 🙁
    Please help me!

  • Chris P.

    Im having a problem with the first part… When I go to Options- the only option I have with the word “network” in it is Mobile Network.
    I assume that is the same? I click it and I do not get an option “Start Provisioning”
    HELP PLEASE!!! I bought a blackberry and got the service in Prague (Going to school here) And the language barrier is insane and no one can help me

  • Indurep01

    Super worked fine for me with Porta in Ecuador!!

    • Shebaddyoo_942

      can u help me im in ecuador to and i cant do this i dont know whyy . what blackberry do u have ?

      • Indurep01

        I have a blackberry strom 9500. You need to have a dataplan with Porta but they are so inflexible here. They have to link your IMEI with your plan otherwise it will not work even if you push register now till the end of times….it simply is a configuration thing at Portas end.

  • iQ

    You have given this guide and thnaks. But I have a Blackberry Curve 8900 and I don’t see the “Start Provising” bit.

  • Shebaddyoo_942

    i got a blackberry storm and i cant do this

  • Wab

    my BB storm 9530 is too slow for my liken, it takes 3 to 4 minutes b4 a page is turned, can someone please help me on how to speed up my browser?

  • Wabenzy

    my BB storm 9530 browser is too slow for my liken, it takes 3 to 4 minutes b4 a page is turned, can someone please help me on how to speed up my browser?

  • Leskylala

    why does blackberry restrict the use of some applications, and how can i use my snaptu on my BB curve 8520

  • Pinkshades

    Thank you so much you knew what to do and the Bell people had no clue thanks man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heartonmysleeve_2011

    i bought a blackberry storm that is verizon, and unlocked it so my att sim card will work in it, and now i can text, call, and get on facebook (so i know the internet works) but i cant get on youtube or anything else, and the only thing close to a browser is the button for bing search, and it wont even searchh for the stuff…answers, please!!!

  • Rich-money_07

    i have a blkberry tour and i dnt have browser icon…wat do i do?

  • lycan_sasuke

    i have blackberry storm 9500. i don’t have entries on Host Routing Table that’s why i can’t access internet. i already register it many times but no avail.. please help..

  • Mysan30

    I did this but the icon did not appear. I turned the phone off, took out the battery and now the phone does not turn on. Just a red light blinking. The battery is charged. Please help!!

  • jjj

    pliz help,no browser icon on storm

  • Jenelferrette

    i have tmobile but i have a sprint phone, i have no browser icon and i need internet explorer for certain apps. How can i get it???? Please help me!

  • Ricoolpe74

    Hello Friend yo has been a Excellent person ,, u will have many luck in ure Life ,, Gracias Amigo has sido un excelente ayudante que todo te salga muy bien

  • Justfortodayjc

    I did not sign my blackberry up and just received a message that my registration is done how do I find out going threw a divorces

  • this worked for me! thanks!!!!

  • rukshan

    I can’t find S“Start Provisioning”on my bb 9630 tour
    When I go to Options- the only option I have with the word “mobile network” I assume that is the same? I click it and I do not get an option “Start Provisioning”

  • philly215

    i have a bb storm unlocked wit a tmobile sim card. my internet works but i dont have an icon. i went thru all the comments an most ppl that have bb storm seems they cant get a link either. wassup can we get some help?

  • pere

    Pis wer can i find browser update on my bb. Am seening d update icon on bb sreen

  • mwas

    thanks man. it worked. from kenya. nairobi.

  • skiez

    hie i have a storm 9530 verizon in South Africa and it does’nt have a browser icon plz hlp

  • Jimmy Selix


    do you have a data plan w/your provider? it may be a data plan problem on the carrier end. i know i had a user who had a bb 8890 and had no browser icon or service book entries and problem was they removed his data plan. hope that helps!

  • Bob

    I have the blackberry tour 9630 and cannot find the “network” option.

  • yasir

    i have bb 8310 and i cant browse the internet

  • Mehmet

    I cant find START PROVISING in NETWORK please help!

  • Mehmet

    I have 9530 I cant find START PROVISING in NETWORK please help!

  • benjamin andrew

    i cant access web browsers in my bb storm 9530 where can i down load them

  • Nicky

    HEY Guys,
    I’ve a new BB curve 8520, i dun have the EDGE icon on it..
    Wat do i do ???
    Tried several things on it , still dusnt work… m gng crazy…
    nebdy knws wat to do

  • Donald Remy

    help me

  • amanda

    Can’t download music or you tube can’t conect to internate plz help

  • ishmael

    my friend came from America and gave me a blackberry storm which i used for about two months then the browser just lost from the phone i tried what ever i knew still nothing was working.i called my service provider and the said the verizon brand has a limit after which the browser will not work any more.i want to know what to do to get my browser back.



  • stephen mumbi

    Pilz help me I got my blackberry9900 for ebay not its not activating bis what can I do.plis help

  • jens medard wilbrod

    my blackberry 8700g does not show anything when i click register do i register?

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    My bb 8310 aint browsing its saying my device doesn’t have browser configuration service book entries. Wat can I do????????

  • musa

    i try every thing dat u explain but still not working i go to my sim office he told is from my fone pls help