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How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages


How to recover deleted Whatsapp messages? Whatsapp’s delete message feature changed the instant messaging game once and for all. Now, users are able to delete a text that was never supposed to be sent to begin with. These wrongly sent messages contain vital personal revelations, from acknowledgements of love to critical secrets. No wonder, everyone is trying to find a way to overturn this new feature. Well, to your delight, we have a found way of outwitting Whatsapp. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to access deleted Whatsapp messages without the need of a third party app. Trust me, it doesn’t take a minute.

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How to open a port on Windows Firewall


In the computer world, internet ports play a major role in navigating the internet traffic required for a certain application to send and receive the packages.
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How to Enable Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Use 2 Factor Authentication

Ill-intended people will never stop to try and hack accounts for their personal gain. Increase your privacy and security be learning how to secure your Whatsapp account by adding a layer of verification. This article will teach you how to enable two-step verification process on WhatsApp.

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How to Add A Link Button To Your iPhone’s Home screen


Ever felt frustrated when you have to type in complete web addresses in your iPhone’s web browser, especially when you were running out of time for something? It gets hectic sometimes, doesn’t it? Having to access first the browser, typing in the web address, wasting some more precious seconds to correct typos and waiting some more for the webpage to load.

If only there was a shortcut to all this hassle…

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How to use On-Demand files on OneDrive


Microsoft’s own cloud storage service has been around for a while. What initially started as Windows Live Folders, then Windows Live SkyDrive, then SkyDrive only and finally ending up with OneDrive is one of the most used cloud storage today.
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How to Show Your Viber QR Code

Show your Viber QR Code

QR code makes a lot of things and tasks easier. QR serve as a unique code identifier which when scanned returns a set of numbers which can be used for tagging and identification purposes. Learn how to show your Viber QR code so people can easily add you or invite you to a group.

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How to Turn off Auto Brightness in iOS 11


How to Turn Off Auto brightness in iOs11? You can still turn off auto brightness in iOs 11, but Apple has, for God knows what reason, made it harder for users to disable it. Many users absolutely despise the auto-brightness feature, because it adjusts the brightness of the screen, without their consent. For instance, if you’re using your smartphone is sunny conditions, the display screen would automatically become brighter to increase visibility. This feature isn’t all that bad, considering it saves battery life. But still, nothing trumps user autonomy.

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How to create a virtual machine on Windows


Anyone that started going deeper in the more advanced uses of a computer ran into something called a Virtual Machine. By definition, the Virtual Machine is an emulator that enables you to run an operating system without having to install it on your drive.
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How to Download Twitter Data With Ease


When did I create my Twitter account? Have I added my Twitter account on another device, too? How many locations have I accessed my Twitter account from? Whom did I add in my contacts on Twitter? What about the number of my Twitter logins? To know the answer to all these questions you must first know how to download twitter data.

Twitter can give you the answers to all these questions – and others like this – with just a few clicks. If you think it was not keeping a record of your recent activities and associated tasks, you were wrong. Now you can actually access every single detail about every single feature you might have or have not performed on your Twitter account.

However, Twitter actually went a step further. It not only allows you to access and view those details, it also enables users to download and therefore keep a permanent record of their Twitter data.

The Twitter data access features is a shortcut for:

  • Editing you personal account information.
  • Changing your username, password etc.
  • Reviewing your profile.
  • Viewing your Twitter address book.
  • Changing ads audience options – which audiences can see/not see your profile in their suggested profiles section.
  • View your Twitter account activity.
  • View which apps and devices your Twitter account is logged in/was logged into from.
  • Change the options of ads appearing/not appearing on your Twitter feed.
  • And so much more…

    Most importantly, this feature makes it easy for users to know whether someone else has been using their account. At times, when an account is hacked, Twitter temporarily closes it down. But through the data access feature, you can actually review the activity which might have been a likely cause of twitter closing down your account temporarily.

    Step-by-Step: How to Download Twitter Data

    Here are the few simple steps you need to follow to access your Twitter data using Windows web browser.

    1. Go to

    2. Log in.

    3. Once logged in, click on your profile picture on your screen’s right-hand side.1
    4. Go to Setting and Privacy.2
    5. On the left-hand side of your screen, you will see a bunch of tabs, as shown below.3
    6. Scroll down the list of these tabs, until you see the tab that says Your Twitter Data.4
    7. Twitter will redirect you to a page that looks something like this. The topmost heading will show you your Twitter data related to your account.5
    8. After the account section, you will find your account history data.6
    9. Next to that will be your app and devices data.7
    10. After that, you can see your Twitter account activity.8
    11. Lastly, you can access your Twitter ads section.9
    12. At the end of this page, you will find the option to download all the sections shown above.10
    13. Once you make the request, Twitter will e-mail you your entire Twitter data. That e-mail will look something like this:11
    14. There will be an attached PDF file of your entire Twitter data, as accessed from the web browser. You can download it and hence have a permanent record saved of your Twitter data.12


    Can I edit my account settings(s) using my Twitter data section?

    Yes, you can. Next to each section on the data page, there is an option to edit the corresponding section.

    How many times can I clear my Twitter data?

    As many times as you want; Twitter does not keep an irreversible data. You can clear it up as many times as you deem necessary.

    What if I lose the data file Twitter e-mailed me?

    You can go to the Twitter data page and request it again. There is no limit nor any specified number of hours/days after which you would have to wait to make another request.
    For further guidance on how to download twitter data, please leave your queries in the comments below.

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How Do I Change the Name of My Phone? (Wifi,Bluetooth and Device Name)


How do I change the name of my phone? I get it! We all want our phones to have cool names. It’s no surprise; We want to separate ourselves from the herd. We want our phones to mimic the features of living breathing human beings. Giving names, somehow creates a sentimental connection between the user and a smartphone. Instead of saying that you have an Android device, you can actually call your phone by name, which is so much cooler. “Emily, Could you hand me Darth Vader?” Okay, you don’t have to name your phone that verbatim, but I mean, if Joey — from the highly popular sitcom FRIENDS — named his TV Stevie, why can’t we? Who’s stopping us?

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to change the name of your phone with ease.

Step-By-Step: How Do I Change the Name of My Phone? (With Visual Instructions)

Note: This tutorial has been crafted, using a Huwaei Mate, but the steps are similar in other Android devices.

1. Open Settings.32078364_1628782823843050_509996202117300224_n
2. Go to About Phone
3.  Tap Device Name31958071_1725279430919347_2272880552556101632_n
4. Edit Device Name31945586_1725277854252838_6785675421439492096_n
5. Select Save

See, hassle free and job done in no time at all! However, keep in mind that if you’re using a Google Nexus 6P, you won’t have this option available, which is a bummer.

Step-By-Step: How to Change Bluetooth Name of Android Device(With Visual Isntructions)

Some people are interested in changing the Bluetooth name of their devices. I get their reasons behind this too. Whenever we share data via bluetooth, we want our phones to come out as badass or gentile, depending if you rename your device to Don Corleone or Nacho Libre. Okay I’ll stop the movie references and start with the tutorial.

1. Swipe down from the top and tap the Bluetooth Icon.31959029_1628782797176386_1540911665963335680_n
2. Turn Bluetooth On.

3. Select Device Name.4
4.  Select Rename after renaming the device.31949923_1628782887176377_7027602274864070656_n

That’s it! You’re done. Now, every time you share media, files, or apps over Bluetooth, your self-appointed name will show up.

Step-By-Step: Change the Name of your WiFi on Android(With Visual Instructions)

Again, similar instructions to the bluetooth tutorial need to be followed here. Here’s how it’s done.

1. Swipe Downward on your home screen and tap the WiFi icon.
2. Tap WiFi preferences.31948467_1628782813843051_4041353995476795392_n
3. Go to Advanced>WifiDirect.31946618_1628782743843058_4217258091936219136_n
4. Select Rename Device on the top.31948881_1628782857176380_3543163451570388992_n
5. Edit Name and Tap OK.31959510_1628782773843055_2303904553034055680_n

Need further guidance? Check out the FAQ!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hazards of changing the device name?

None Whatsoever! On the contrary, changing name makes your device easily identifiable.

Can I change my names in games on my Android device?

Depends on what game you’re playing. You can access the settings of that games to see whether it allows name changes or not.

How Do I change the Name of my phone if it’s a Google Nexus 6p?

Unfortunately, in the Nexus series, you’re unable to change the generic names of your device. Google still has removed this features for God knows what reasons. Maybe they thought it was useless and didn’t contribute much i terms of user experience but whatever the reasons were, it’s gone. You can however still change your bluetooth and wifi name to compensate for it.

So, there it is, a comprehensive and much needed article on name changes. However, if you still have some pressing questions regarding this tutorial, leave them in the comments section below. As soon as I find time, I’ll tend to them and make everything crystal clear. That’s what I’m here for to begin with!

Also, check out these related tech-recipes at your discretion.

Seeking more? Just click my profile link to get access to tons of latest technical tutorials.Over and Out!

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How to Send Videos Larger Than 16 MB on WhatsApp?

Send Videos Over 16MB on Whatsapp

WhatsApp allows multimedia file sharing so you can easily transfer files such as videos to your friends. To keep their servers in good shape, WhatsApp needs to limit the size of the files sent to 16 MB. Files that are more than 16 MB cannot be shared over Whatsapp. The good news is that we can help you send videos larger than 16 MB on Whatsapp.

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How to use Focus assist on Windows 10


One of the many features added to the April 2018, also known as Redstone 4, is the Focus assist. Honestly, this isn’t anything new. The Focus assist was known as Quiet hours on the previous builds of Windows 10.
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