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Windows Media Center: Turn DVD Subtitles On and Off

Subtitles can be useful for movie watchers in loud conditions or for those who want to keep the volume turned down. They are also vital for viewers who may be hearing impaired. Windows Media Center has accessibility options to directly address those needs.

Watching a DVD in a loud room or in an airport can prove to be difficult even when using headphones. Exercising on an elliptical or treadmill can make headphones uncomfortable or impossible. However, just because you cannot hear your movie, does not mean you cannot still enjoy it.  

This tech-recipes tutorial was preformed on a Windows 7 PC, but the steps for enabling DVD subtitles are identical on any other operating system with Windows Media Center installed.

1.Search your program list for Windows Media Center, and launch it.

2.From the options at the bottom of the app, select settings.

3.From the settings list, select DVD.

4.Under DVD choose the Subtitle option.

5.Turn the subtitles on, and click Save. Next time you put in a DVD, it will automatically start with subtitles.

This process can be reversed to disable subtitles by repeating the steps as needed.

Alex Bahdanovich
Alex Bahdanovich
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