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Ubuntu : Enable NTFS read/write options (accessing XP and Vista drives)


This recipe explains how to enable NTFS read/write options in Ubuntu and in turn allows one to read/write to any XP or Vista partitions one may have. This will be shown using Terminal to install. Applies to Ubuntu 7.04 and up (Gutsy Gibbon, Feisty Fawn, Hardy Heron)

1. In Ubuntu, open Terminal (Applications > Terminal)

at the command line type this command (i will explain each part of the command for those interested):

sudo apt-get install ntfs-config

sudo = switch user and do as root
apt-get = get application
install = install 😛
ntfs-config = the package to install

once you do this, it will ask you for your password, enter that in. If you get an error, you may need to make your user account an admin account.

it should download and then install the packages necessary for this utility/tool.

2. After it installs, go back to Applications > System Tools

Open the NTFS Configuration Tool

3. You will be prompted to choose which NTFS drives to edit. I only have my internal NTFS partition showing so I chose that.

You will only get two options; to enable write options for internal and external NTFS drives. Pick what options you want and hit OK.

4. Hopefully you will now be able to access your NTFS drives and even write to them (if you choose such options).

This is handy for those multi-booting Ubuntu/XP users.



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