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Ubuntu: Creating a repository using APTonCD


Having a repository of packages you’ve downloaded using apt is good for when you need all of your favorite applications in a flash. Here’s how:

1. Install APTonCD by typing in:
sudo apt-get install aptoncd

Or click here:
APTonCD (Should work if you have firefox/epiphany/etc)

2. Open APTonCD and click Create
3. It should find the packages if it’s your first time. Select the packages you want and click Burn…
4. Choose the properties you need click Apply
5. You’re done making the repository!
6. Burn the disc when you want to

To Add the Packages:

1. Install APTonCD on the other computer
2. Pop in the CD
3. Open APTonCD
4. This time, click Restore
5. Click load and choose the CD/DVD or the .iso file
6. Select the Packages and click Restore



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