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How Can I Access Linux partitions from Windows?

Having both Windows and Linux installed is essential when performing tasks such as coding. However, accessing and using the Linux file system from Windows can be difficult. This tech-recipes demonstrates how to access Linux partitions from Windows.

Linux has no problem accessing Windows partitions (except exFat). It’s the reverse situation that is the problem. Linux now uses the ext4 file system which Windows cannot access by default.

Here’s what you do to access ext4 partitions in Windows.

We will be using the software ext2explore. Download it here.

Extract the application.

Start the extracted application. If using Windows 7, then run it as an Administrator i.e. right-click on the file and choose “Run as Administrator”

Double-click on the partitions you want to view.

To copy any file/folder, right-click on it and select the Save option and choose the location. Writing to the partition is however not possible.

With this software we can easily synchronize our documents in both the systems.



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