Windows 7 Parental Controls: Limit Users to Specific Programs and Applications

   Posted August 22, 2010 by Lê Hoàng in Windows 7

In many circumstances radically locking down an installation of Windows 7 is very useful. By using parental controls the administrator can force users only to use specific applications. Most often this is used to prevent children from running unauthorized applications.


– Make sure to create a standard user account for the user (a child, for example).

– You must log in as administrator.

– Your administrator account must be password protected (otherwise, users can change the settings)


1. Click the Orb (Start menu) and choose Control panel.

2. In the control panel window, choose Set up parental controls for any user.

3. Choose user(s) you want to use only programs of your choice.

4. Choose On, enforce current settings in the next window.

5. After that, option for blocking programs will be visible. Click on Allow and block specific programs on your computer.

6. For the user to be blocked, Choose can only use the programs I allow. Then select only programs you wish user to use. Click on OK to save all settings.

7. If you don’t see your programs in the list, you can choose Add a program to this list->Choose your program->Open. This may be useful when you want to block specified portable applications.

8. This is what happens when a user launches a blocked programs.


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