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   Posted February 20, 2004 by David Kirk in Microsoft Word

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The following tutorial explains two simple methods used to insert a hard page break into a Word document.

When using Word to type a document, one may encounter instances when a page break is needed before Word automatically inserts one. For example, Word will end a page with just one line of a new paragraph instead of beginning the new paragraph on the following page. This will result in a document that is less than professional-looking.

To stop this, insert a hard page break. The hard page break immediately starts the next page in a document.

The shortcut is as follows: CTRL+ENTER

If you do not prefer to use the shortcut, enter the following:

    1. Click on the Insert Menu.
    2. Select Break.
    3. Select the type of break desired (if available).
    4. Click OK

Some early versions of Word do not include the different types of hard page breaks.


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