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Configure ATM on a Cisco Router

ATM is growing in popularity as a wide-area network (WAN) medium. ATM offers small cell size and strict quality of service, allowing voice, video, and data to coexist.

The following defines the terminology used in this configuration:

VPI – Virtural Path Identifier, 5 in this example
VCI – Virtual Circuit Identifier, 200 in this example
VC – Virtual Circuit

In this example, the ATM interface is atm0/0, and the IP addressing on the VC is

Connect to the router. Enter the appropriate passwords. Then proceed as follows:

Enter configuration mode:configure terminal

Enter interface configuration:interface atm0/0

Enable the interface:no shutdown

Create the subinterface:interface atm0/0.200 point-to-point

Configure the local IP address:ip address

Configure the VC:pvc 5/200

Configure the protocols on this VC:protocol ip broadcast

Configure the encapsulation:encapsulation aal5snap

These steps complete the configuration.



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