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Configure a Cisco VWIC Card

Cisco VWIC cards need configuration before their serial ports will appear in the interface list. Once the VWIC is configured, HDLC, frame relay, or ATM with an AIM processor can be configured.

The Cisco VWIC cards can be configured with different channel-groups to support different applications, such as voice and data, on the same physical circuit.

To configure the VWIC, connect to the router, enter the appropriate passwords, then proceed as follows:

Enter configuration mode:configure terminal

Enter controller configuration mode:controller t1 0/0

If configuring for ATM with AIM, the following line is needed to enable the AIM processor:mode atm aim 0

Create the channel-groups:channel-group 0 timeslots 1-24 speed 64

Now, messages should appear on the console about a new serial port. This port can now be configured for HDLC, frame relay, or ATM.

Switch to interface configuration mode:interface serial 0/0:0
orint atm0/0

Note that multiple channel-groups may be defined, but the number of timeslots must be reduced. Timeslots must be entered as a range and speed defaults to 56.



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