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Twitter: Post to Twitter Using Skype Client

If you are already using Skype for making calls and chatting, you can Twitter with it as well. Thanks to a Skype bot, you can post to Twitter using the Skype client. Once you have added the bot to your contacts and authenticated, you can post to Twitter and view your friends’ postings as well.

1. Open Skype.

2. From the Contacts tab, click Add.

3. Under Add a Skype contact, input twitter4skype and click the Find button.

4. Once twitter4skype has been found, make sure it is highlighted and click Add Skype Contact.

5. After you have added the contact, start a chat session with twitter4skype.

6. Your first chat message needs to be used to authenticate. To do this, input the following as your chat message:

/account (press Shift+Return on your keyboard)
TwitterUsername (press Shift+Return on your keyboard)
TwitterPassword (press Enter to submit the message)

7. If you did this properly, you should see “twitter4skype Registration complete!” in the chat window.

You can begin posting to Twitter. After a minute or two, your friends posts to Twitter will begin appearing in the chat window.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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