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Nokia N800: Use a Proxy Server

Quite a few networks utilize a proxy server as the pathway to the internet, whether it is a wireless network or your cellular provider. This tech-recipe outlines the steps necessary to get your connection to use the proxy server.

Before you go any further, you need to find out the IP Address and port number for the network’s proxy server. You can get it from your administrator, provider, or in the case of cellular proxies, from Google. If you are setting up a new connection, skip down to the final part of step 5.

1. Tap the Applications icon, select Tools and then Control panel.

2. From the Connectivity section of the Control Panel, select Connectivity.

3. From the Connectivity window, tap the Connections button.

4. Select the desired Connection and tap the Edit button.

5. Click next on the first three steps of the Connection setup, on the window titled Connection setup: Complete, click the Advanced button. (If you have created a new connection, this is the final step for you as well).

6. Under the Proxies tab, check the Use proxy checkbox, then do one of the following steps:

a. If the network utilizes a automatic configuration script, scroll to the bottom and check the Automatic configuration checkbox and input the Web address where the configuration script is located.

b. If the network does not utilize automatic configuration, enter the Address and Port number for the proxy server in the appropriate textboxes (HTTP proxy, HTTPS proxy, FTP proxy, and/or RTSP proxy).

7. If there are any addresses that should not be accessed through the proxy, such as local addresses, input the addresses in the Do not use proxy for textbox.

8. Click OK.

9. Click the Finish button.

10. Click the Done button to exit the Connections window, click Cancel to exit the Connectivity window, and close the Control panel.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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