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MOG: Use Orbit Downloader to Download Music

MOG is a music social network where you can find news and reviews and listen to streaming audio. By using Grab++ from the Orbit Downloader, you can also download free music from MOG and save it to your computer or personal media player (Zune, iPod, Zen, etc.).

1. Download and install the Orbit Downloader. You can get it here.

2. Run the Orbit Downloader.

3. Click Tools and select Grab++.

4. Open your web browser and got to MOG.

5. From the menu at the top, select Listen.

6. From the menu at the left of the page, select a Genre or search for a specific Artist to start looking for music.

7. The songs are placed in individual MOG players. When you have found a song you want to download, click play on the specified player.

8. Go to the Grab++ window and watch the files that show up. You will be secting the larger files that appear before the mp3 file. Check the checkbox for each file you wish to download. When done, click the Download button.

9. Wait for the download to complete. The files will be saved as mp3 files. By default, Grab++ saves them to the C:\Downloads directory. You will need to change the filenames, however the tags are correct.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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