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How Do I Cancel a Skype Subscription?

When you subscribe to the Skype service, you will be charged monthly. If you have decided to no longer use your subscription, you can follow these steps to cancel it. Even if the subscription is cancelled, the remaining time will still use usable until it expires.

1. Launch Skype and log in to your account.

2. Click the Skype option on the toolbar and choose Account from the menu.

skype account

3. The Account window will appear on the screen. It contains several features such as Call phones, Group video, Skype To Go Number and so on. Choose the subscription feature that you want to cancel to continue.

skype subscriptions

4. Find your subscription detail on the right side of the window and click the Settings link.

skype subscription settings

5. Click Cancel subscription to end your subscription.

cancel skype subscription

6. Once the prompt message appears, click the Thanks but no thanks, I still want to cancel option to confirm your decision.

decide cancel skype subscription

7. You will then see a message that your cancel process is complete. Skype will also notify you about the cancellation via notification.

cancel subscription success

cancel subscription notification

8. Even though your subscription has been cancelled, you are allowed to use the remaining minutes until they expire.

remaining time of subscription


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