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Zune: Sync Device with Your PC Over Your Wireless Network

While your Zune syncs easily with your PC via the USB connector, sometimes it is quite convenient to sync over your wireless network. After configuring your wireless sync to hook up to your router, you can update the media on your device without plugging the Zune into your PC.

To Set Up the Wireless Sync:

1. Attach the device to your PC and open the Zune Software.

2. Go to the upper right corner and select Settings.

3. In the upper left corner, under settings, select device.

4. In the left column, click WIRELESS SYNC.

5. Click the SET UP WIRELESS SYNC button.

6. The software will search for available networks. If it doesn’t find your network, click the SHOW ADVANCED SETTINGS button.

Input the Wireless Network Name (SSID) and use the radio buttons to select the Network Type. Input your Network Key/Passphrase. Click the SAVE SETTINGS button.

7. Once the confirmation message appears, click the Finish button.

Your Zune can now sync to your computer through your wireless network. By dragging and dropping the media from your collection to your device icon in the lower left corner, you can build your sync group.

You can then sync your Zune to download the media at any time.

To perform a wireless sync:

1. Turn on your Zune device.

2. Select Settings.

3. Select wireless.

4. Select sync now. The device will search for the network, connect to the PC and begin the sync. When the sync has completed, select ok. The media will now be on the device.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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