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Zune: Speed Up Zune Software by Disabling the Marketplace Catalog Updates

There is a significant delay in the Zune software as it updates the Zune Marketplace Catalog. Since it is doubtful that you use the Marketplace each time you open the Zune software, you can eliminate this delay by disabling the Marketplace by renaming the dll file associated with it.

Usually when you open the Zune software, you will see this:

If you don’t need the Zune Marketplace Catalog, follow these steps:

1. Make sure that the Zune software is not open.

2. Go to the directory that holds the installed Zune software files (default is C:\Program Files\Zune).

3. Find the file named ZuneMarketplace.dll.

4. Rename the file to something easily recognizable (such as disabledZuneMarketplace.dll) so that you can change the name back if you need to access the Marketplace. Note: On Vista, you will need to either be logged in as the Administrator or know the Administrator password. When prompted, give administrative access to the file so that it can be renamed.

5. When you are finished, it should look like this:

Now fire up the Zune software, as soon as it opens, it is ready to go. Simply rename the file back to its original name when you want to use the Zune Marketplace.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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