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How to Become a Sports Tech Analysis Expert

A technical sports analyst is someone who works with data and makes projections that are dependant on statistics and mathematical formulas. A sports tech analyst will have to be prepared to watch plenty of sports footage, and fabricate statistical data based on their findings. There are many teams that require sports analysts for sports data that would help them to fare better against their competitors. There is a demand for technical sports analysts for most types of sports. For example, a football analyst will have to spend hours watching the matches on repeat and keep track of every pass, tackle, penalty and interception in order to make data. In the same way, an analyst for entertainment sports should also keep track of the most reliable Vegas odds so they can draw up statistics for future games.

A career as a sports tech analyst is a desirable one, especially if you have a love for sports. Sports teams will be relying on you for the understanding of their performance, and how they can improve in the future. However, there are requirements that you need to keep in mind before becoming an expert in the field. Apart from the usual eligibility criteria such as having a collegiate degree and receiving a professional certificate, there are specific traits that are looked for in sports analysts that will ensure that you are the best at your job.

  1. Be a team player

There will be a need to work with many people while you provide them with the data you have collected. It is important to communicate as effectively with the coach as you would with the players of a sports team. This is definitely not a career for introverts, you need to be ready to talk to people at all times and be a part of a team. The structure of this job is unlike standard ones, and you will also have to work according to the sports teams’ schedules.

  1. Know how to translate statistics

Understanding statistics is only one part of being an expert in sports tech analysis. You will need to know how to translate the data so that the persons concerned, like the GM or the coach, understand it effectively. This will help them incorporate it into performance strategy. You should also know how to be patient and work with others so that your information is understood.

  1. Be aware of your duties

Being a sports analyst is much more than obtaining a degree in sports science and looking at matches repeatedly. You are expected to have knowledge with regards to IT and have organizational skills as well. You are likely to be in charge of filming and coding sessions, handle the evaluation process of prospective requirement targets, and creating daily reports while working in collaboration with other performance staff.

  1. Be enthusiastic and knowledgeable

To be a good analyst, the essential foundation is to have knowledge of scouting for the sport of interest. This includes both the tactical and technical knowledge of sports. There will be a need to make the sports of your choice a part of your life, so much so that you must eat, live and breathe that sport. If a need arises, you should be able to talk at length about your sport. You should be able to note details about the sport which a non-analyst might not notice. This is what will make you stand out in your job.

  1. Be eager to learn

Since a career in sports tech analysis is not limited to statistics, you will need to be familiar with other sets of skills. If you are a beginner and are only able to work with mathematics and not coding, you can apply yourself by selecting a language to code (such and Python R) and learning it. With this, there is a greater possibility that you will advance farther in your career faster.

  1. Be aware of your work environment

Although there is an understanding in the analytics community that when you have landed yourself a job with a famous sports club you are at the summit, it is significant to remember that it isn’t true. Even if you work with a data company, the skills required for the work is similar, just the environment is different. You will be able to be an expert no matter where you work.


Today, the opportunities related to being a sports tech analyst have been seen to increase. Especially with the help of technology, work based on analytics has infinite varieties. You will be able to work with the right teams who are willing to hire you, if you have the right skill sets. It is a career that has vast potential. Progression is often with elite level sports, where you will be able to work with high-tier athletes and their managers.



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