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Wii: Save a Mii Character to Your Remote (Wiimote)

You can save as many as 10 Mii characters to your Wiimote, making it simple to take your favorite characters with you when you go gaming at a friend’s house.

1. Go to the Wii Main Menu and select the Mii Channel.

2. Select Start.

3. On the right side of the screen, you will see three icons. Select the middle icon (Transfer Mii) that shows a Wii Remote controller.

4. Select the desired Wii Remote.

(If the Wii Remote hasn’t had data saved to it, it will prompt you to format it. Select Yes.)

5. Locate the desired Mii character and grab it by pointing to it and pressing and holding A and B at the same time. Keep holding A and B as you drag the Mii character to an open slot at the top of the screen.

6. Release A and B. Your Mii character will appear in the slot.

7. Select the Save & quit button.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
Once a prolific author here on Tech-Recipes, Rob has moved on to greener pastures.


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