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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Intel Locations in Mission 10: Bio-Lab and Mission 11: Collapse

This walk-through shows you the intel locations in Mission 10: Bio-Lab and Mission 11: Collapse.

In each mission, there are exactly three intel items to collect. If you have not collected the intels in previous missions, check out the guides below:

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Intel Locations in Mission 10: Bio-Lab

First Intel

This intel appears right at the start of the mission. When you and Gideon are escaping the sniper attacking from the helicopter, you will see a small hut. The laptop is in there.

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Second Intel

Head to the main compound synthesis, go right, then pick up the next intel in the lab which has blue panels.

11-17-2014 5-56-16 PM 11-17-2014 5-59-02 PM 11-17-2014 5-59-49 PM

Third Intel

Follow the yellow mark to reach to next objective: Locate the tank.

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Inside the room with red lights, you will see a lab with a few laptops on the table. Break the glass using the melee attack and collect the intel.

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Intel Locations in Mission 11: Collapse

First Intel

After the car accident, you and Gideon will head to the objective on foot.

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When you first encounter enemies shooting on the buses, you will see an SUV with an opened door. This is where the first intel is located.

11-17-2014 6-32-54 PM 11-17-2014 6-33-14 PM

Second Intel

The next intel is located on the metal platform attached to this black and orange road sign.

11-17-2014 6-38-26 PM

To collect this intel, jump on the near-by police car, and then use boost-jump to get to the platform.11-17-2014 6-39-20 PM 11-17-2014 6-44-10 PM

Third Intel

The last intel can be found in the bike lane on the left side behind the bus near the helicopter. It can be tricky to find this one because it is hidden by the crates. If you have trouble finding it, just shoot the boxes.

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