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How to Change your Username on Tik Tok [2019 Updated]

The gaming world knows well the importance of usernames. They’re integral to shaping their online presence, setting them apart from the herd and giving cues about their personality. On social media platforms, they play a similar role. So, then why are arent users taking them seriously? Especially, on newer platforms like Tik Tok, a good username can be the stepping stone to a unique and popular presence.

Why Your Username on Tik Tik holds Importance

Remember: Little details like username may insignificant to most people. And they might not make as much of a difference if the rest of your social media strategy isn’t on point.

However, if you’re taking heed of everything else. Your Ecommerce SEO. Response time to followers. The quality of your content. And many other factors.

Then, you must also take the time to choose a good username or change a boring old one.

It will show that you care about the little details; that you’re meticulous and serious about your uprise on your platform. And not only will this have an influence on your followers but also on your psyche.

It will make your mind aware of the finer details of social media – the ones that most pass by people out of the corner of their eye, unnoticed.

Changing your Username on Tik Tok

1. Open the Tik Tok apphow to change your username on tik tok 2

2. Tap Me on the bottom of your screen.

3. Select Edit Profile.how to change your username on tik tok 3

4. Tap your Current Username.how to change your username on tik tok 4

5. Type your New Tik Tok Username.

6. Click Save.

Note: After changing your username on Tik Tok, you will not be allowed to rechange for the next 30 days. Simply put, you will have to wait a whole month to perform a username change again.

Common Error: If your username isn’t unique and is already in use on the platform, you will get an error saying that the username is already taken. You can add numbers or be creative with your alphabets to make sure this error doesn’t bug you for long.how to change your username on tik tok 2

Some Tips for Choosing your Username on Tik Tok

Okay, so this is important.

As your username is a looking glass through which your followers can peek into your identity, there are some things you need to consider.

The first thing is your niche. Pick a username consistent with the content your posting. Are you posting dog videos? Great! Choose a username after your pet or a dog breed.

That way, a follower will know instantly the kind of videos he can expect from you.

The second thing is branding. If at some point, the notion of associating with a branding agency comes to your mind, then you’re going to have to choose a name that isn’t dumb, stupid, or childish like our AOL and Yahoo mails from the 90s. Gosh, were they embarrassing.

Lastly, if you’re going to link your tik tok account with Instagram or Facebook, it’s better to have the same username. It’s a great way of keeping your identity coherent and recognizable.

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