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How To DM on Instagram | Send Direct Messages

Want to know how to DM on Instagram? This post will guide you on how to send a Direct message to anybody on Instagram.

I remember the first time I heard DM on Instagram. I was a bit confused and didn’t know what it meant until later. I got to know that DM actually means ” direct message ”.

As you would know, Instagram is a mobile application that’s very easy to use, it lets you capture and also edit videos and pictures on your Android or your PC.

Many people think Instagram is meant for liking pictures and videos or following celebrities. Well, at first I thought so too because whenever I log in, the first thing that comes to mind is viewing pictures and watching videos. Not until  I noticed other amazing features of Instagram, like the DM for example, which lets you send private messages to people.

How To DM On Instagram

Here are the steps;

1. Launch your Instagram app

2. Search for the handle you want to DM

3. Click on their profile. Here you can see different options like send email, direction, message.

4. Click on the message icon

5. Type what you want to send to the recipient.

You have an option to send a live photo or better still write a message or send a picture from your gallery and after that, you wait for their reply.

Instagram also has a direct message icon where all your direct messages can be accessed from. This icon is visible on the home interface of Instagram.

To access all your direct messages. Launch Instagram and click on the kite-like icon located at the top-most right of your screen as indicated in the image below.

dm on instagram

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: How Long Does It Take For My DM To be Seen?

A: Okay, if you are sure you delivered the DM the appropriate way, then expect your reply anytime soon. When you type in your message and send it, it shows ”sent”, this simply means your message was delivered to whoever you sent it to. The receiver gets your message and If they happen to open it immediately they should send a reply.

Q: Can I send pictures and videos via DM?

A: Of course you can! Just as you can type a message you can also send pictures and videos via direct message. When you are in your inbox there are a lot of options seen on your front screen. Just below the space like a box where you type in your message, look beside it and you’ll see another option for you to either send a live photo or better still select one from your gallery. That’s not all you can see, there’s also an icon for you to send a live video and also chose an existing video from your gallery. So, in the real sense, one can send a photo and a video via direct message.

Q: Can I un-send/recall messages sent via DM?

A: Sure you can! When you feel like you sent the wrong message to someone or you probably made a mistake. You can actually delete what you’ve sent. All you have to do to recall messages is to long press on the message you’ve sent, an option will pop up ”un-send” click on it and that’s all.



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