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Photo Booth: Create and Use Backdrops


Just like the new ability to use backdrops in iChat, Leopard also introduced the backdrop feature into Photo Booth. In this example, I will show how to drop a picture into a backdrop. I will use a screenshot, but any image can be used with this method.

OS X Leopard and all subsequent versions including Snow Leopard and Lion have including the ability to use any image as a background in Photo Booth. Although a ton of great background are included, custom backgrounds really open up the level of creativity. Previously, I demonstrated how to use backdrops and video effects in iChat. If you familiar with that, this will be easy.

In Photo Booth, click the effect boxes at the bottom until you hit the 3rd section. These are the default backdrops. When you select one, the camera will insert your face into the backdrop.

If you want to create your own backdrop, click over to the 4th effects box. You can drag a media file into one of these boxes to make a backdrop. here I am dragging a screenshot into the backdrop slot.

Now, I can select this backdrop and my mug is inserted into it. Forgive me, it’s late.

If you are having issues with this working, it is possible that you have an odd image format that is not supported. Try converting the image to a more common format such as .jpg or .png and try again.



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