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How to Secure Your Computer From Hackers | 5 Best Antivirus Software

Everyone likes to use a secure computer. While using the internet, everybody wants a speedy connection without any fear of Viruses, Threats, Malware, Ransomware, Phishing attacks, and Trojan horses. This tech-recipe is a brief description of 5 free antivirus programs for your computer.

A free version of these anti-virus programs is available. You can use both “Free trial option” with limited but basic features a “pro version” for detail-oriented features. Anti-virus programs offer unlimited benefits to users. Numerous viruses are present over the internet. Securing your computer from external threats must be your top priority. Anti-virus programs help prevent virus attacks such as spyware, malware, and trojans. They will also provide you with firewall protection. The firewall protection will provide all-round safety to your computer system.

Computer viruses have the capability of infecting computer systems. Viruses can steal valuable information and destroy all the processes of computers. Typically, a virus attaches itself to a running program on the computer. Whenever the infected program runs the virus will multiply itself. After replication, it will alter the software behavior without the computer user being aware of the changes. Computer Viruses increase the risk of Data Breach.

You will surely not like your confidential data such as usernames, passwords etc to be stolen. Therefore the use of proper antivirus software is recommended. Bad threats can come from various sources such as the internet. External sources such as USB’s can carry viruses.

How to Secure Your Computer From Hackers

Here are the top 5 free anti-virus software. You can download them easily from the internet. All basic functions are free. Go ahead, use them and stay protected:

1. AVG Anti-virus.
2. Avast Anti-virus.
3. Eset nod 32 Anti-virus.
4. Bit defender Anti-virus.
5. Kaspersky Security Anti-virus.

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