Windows Live Mail 2011: Change Font when Reading Emails

   Posted November 9, 2010 by Lê Hoàng in Windows

If you do not like the default font used when reading emails in Windows Live Mail 2011, this tech-recipe will show how to change it. You can change both the font face and size.

1. Launch WLM 2011 and log into your account.

2. Click the blue menu button, choose Options->Mail…

3. In Options window, switch to Read tab and click on Fonts…

4. The Fonts window will pop up. You can change fonts in Proportional font and Fixed-width font. You can also change the font size and encoding in this window. When you have done, hit OK.

5. Hit OK again in Options window to save settings.


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  • Altoster

    Followed the steps, it doesn’t work on my laptop using Windows 7. It actually was working but stopped possibly after downloading some updates.

    • Anonymous

      In this case, you may want to install a clean install of WLM. The updates usually messes the settings up.

      You may also want to report bugs back to Microsoft 🙂

  • Mike Maas

    Your greyed-out lettering is too faint for us to see easily. I wanted something bolder. You don`t seem to offer Bold, so I chose Arial Black, hoping that`ll be clearer than Arial. It hasn`t changed anything, but maybe I`ve got to Restar ( though you don`t say so )t

  • Mike Maas

    Hm. Arial Black appears in the text of messages, but in the opening pane where each line lists a message, most of the lettering is still that faint misty grey.
    So difficult to get help from Microsoft. Any ideas what I could do next ?

    I click for RSS feeds and get some message about XML files not having text info. This is PhD stuff.

  • Susan

    I have 2 messages sitting n my sent box (Windows 7 ) that automatically when into the box after I forwarded the e-mail. My problem is I cannot delete the e-mails form the sent box into the delete box and therefore get rid of them. Each time I try to remove them from the sent box I am stopped by a pop up that reads ‘unknown error has occurred’. What can I do to get rid of them?