Unboxed: 2010 Macbook Air 11″ (images)

   Posted October 26, 2010 by Jimmy Selix in Apple Mac

For those living under a rock, Apple last week announced their revamping of the Macbook Air laptop series. One of the big news items was the introduction of the 11″ Macbook Air. I finally received my CTO (customized to order) 11″ with a 1.6ghz C2D and 4GB of RAM all weighing in around 2.3lbs. A full review will be posted next week after I have had some time to use it, till then enjoy my super brief unboxing / geek pr0n shots.

Standard Apple Boxing

Comparison: Macbook Pro 13 – Macbook Air 11″ – iPad – iPhone 3GS (Front view)

Comparison: Macbook Pro 13 – Macbook Air 11″ – iPad – iPhone 3GS (Side view)


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  • Anonymous

    I want one! 😀

    • so far it lives up to my expections/hype/drool 🙂 kills every netbook i’ve used or owned and nearly every ultralight weight i’ve used too!

  • Is it wrong that I am drooling over these pics? I look forward to your review!

    • hehe, seems to be the consensus. everyone i’ve shown it to usually walks away with a ‘dang it! now i want one too!!’ 🙂

      review coming this weekend.