BlackBerry: How to Reboot or Reset

   Posted August 19, 2010 by David Kirk in Blackberry

“How do I reboot or reset my BlackBerry?” is one of the first questions that new BlackBerry owners ask me. This tutorial documents how to do both the soft and hard resets.

If your BlackBerry device locks up, the first thing always to do is to reboot or reset the phone.

Soft Reset / Reboot:

Press and Hold the alt key, right shift/caps lock key, and del key. Pay attention that it is the shift key on the right. Hold the key combo until the LED light turns red and the screen locks. The reboot process will begin.

hold alt, right shift, del to soft reset the Torch

Hard Reset / Reboot:

If the phone is locked so hard that the soft reset does not work, a hard reset is your only option. Open the phone back and remove the battery. Wait a few seconds for the phone to completely go dark and reinsert the battery.


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    • Ismaeelmalik

      Thanks a lot

  • Sam

    Perfect, thank you.

  • C1ejy

    my loudspeaker sounds distoerted when the phone rings ?? why is that

    • Blah

      It has nothing to do with rebooting, that’s why.

  • Gup Vin

    This thing works. thanks

  • chabolla

    That is what I was looking for. Easy and exactly what we normally require when something locks and don’t want to close 🙂

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  • JP

    This is just probably a difference in semantics but for most smart phones, I believe that a hard reset means that it restores the device to factory default settings. I’m guessing that that is not what a battery pull out will do to the blackberry. If so, can you explain the difference between the shift-alt-del and the battery pull out? Thanks.

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  • Yodacuper

    I’ve done the battery pull out, it just does the same thing, resets it and doesn’t change any settings.

  • karen

    it helps!

  • Jayjay_lewis_1996

    omg, thank you so much!

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  • Toverbeck

    JP, you are right. I don’t know why BB calls this a hard reset but what you call a hard reset (returning to factory settings). Is a wipe on a BB which has to be done through the setup features.

  • Carla C. Strange-Nicholson

    How often should I reboot my Blackberry Torch?

  • Thanks!

  • iknownothing

    there’s no difference, its just that the battery pull is always 2nd option because it is dangerous and if you do it to much it may damage your phone.. 

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    hah works thnks

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    thank nice job

  • Rafeeqemuhammad

    thank nice job

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    hola… mi problema con mi bb es diferente, quiero configurar una cuenta de hotmail, pero no he podido cuando le doy por configuracion y luego por cuentas de correo electronic ome sale un reloj es decir como pensando, y solo puedo salir con le boton  rojo porque si undo el de atras se celular  se congela y toca esperar por ahi 3 minutos podrian por favor enviarme un correo a iporras128 arroba hotmail . com llevo un mes intentando solucionarlo pero no he sido capaz, les agradeceria demasiado

  • Rajat Luhadiya

    bb torch showing everything hidden, my cam pic my multimedia, my data everything and moreover they are not shown when i connect my memory card on pc (with or without mobile). can some one help me on this. 

    • do you have a password set on your blackberry? if so, you need to leave memory card in phone, enter password when it goes to mass storage mode and then should be able to see contents. 

      it could also be that you have encrypt sd card enabled in the Security options too. 🙂

      hope that helps!

    • do you have a password set on your blackberry? if so, you need to leave memory card in phone, enter password when it goes to mass storage mode and then should be able to see contents. 

      it could also be that you have encrypt sd card enabled in the Security options too. 🙂

      hope that helps!

  • i recommend once a week, but if you setup the memory cleaning options, you can prob just wait to go until some app freezes it or you notice lag.  

    memory cleaner = months of being on w/a problems

    • hassano


      My BB torch is not at all starting. It is not showing any kind of blinking light or boot up screen. I checked battery, but that is not issue. So what will be the possible cause and how to solve it?
      before this happen it keeps on restarting again and again after couple of hours.?
      plz help me out…

  • i recommend once a week, but if you setup the memory cleaning options, you can prob just wait to go until some app freezes it or you notice lag.  

    memory cleaner = months of being on w/a problems

  • Irvin_

    thankkks broo!

  • Chris

    I reboot mine and it works perfectly for about 5 or 10 minutes then it freezes again, usually only the buttons freeze. Any help here? should I send it back to manufacturer? I’ve tried it like 6 times and it just does the same thing over and over

  • Hormaz

    Thanks a lot, it works perfect on my BB Torch 9800

  • Cosmo

    We used to call a “soft” reboot a reload of the OS. We called a “Hard” reboot a full power down and restart. I guess this would qualify as a “Soft” reboot since technically, I didn’t see the device power down.

  • Amir

    I reinstalled an app off app world, an now my BB torch will not load up. It loads all the way to the end but won’t come on. What should I do?

  • Konstantin


    this looks same as battery removal but much faster,

    helps when it refuses to use the normal data plan and usually required battery removal.

  • the reboot didnt happen… i tried multiple times!

  • mario

    after the last bb issue I still can not rcv or send emails.. I tried taking out the battery but still nothing !! what do u suggest ?

  • Genius. Thankyou!

  • jason

    my blackberry torch touch pad is not responsive this is after my screen messing up! my screen has started to work but now the touch pad wont do nothing any help?

  • Gurt

    Perfect, was wondering for a long while how to do this.

  • osama

    its a good method to restart the blackberry

    thank you very much

  • C. Mercer

    Thank you very much. You made my day!

  • Pawpcorn

    Unbelievable this isn’t included in the 329 page (!!!!) 9800 Torch .pdf User Manual!!!! How crazy is that???!?!?! hahahaha

  • donna

    excellent, thank you xo

  • Mike

    I reinstated. A app my phone rebooted now keeps loading I tried all the methods nothing works I work for at&the I tried. From multiple ends and nothing idk what else to do?

  • craig

    Hi I just took the battery out of my bb torch and now it wont turn on screen just stays black. Av tryd battery pull bwt 5 times an nothing any other ideas what up or how I can get it running

  • kayleigh

    i rebooted it i have a black berry torch and the screen is to coming up and it keeps going weird i dont know what to do i have taken out mu battery and left it for ages and i have done that about 20times now i did the rebbot and it rebooted it but the screen still wont come up what should i do ???

  • ok so i’ve done that alt shift delete thing a million times and everytime it powers back on the phone is still locked and i cant access anything in my phone?

  • mariam

    i have a problem with my bb torch it keeps hang…pls some one should help me b4 i slam it to the ground cheers

  • tdawg

    Make sure you do alt, then shift/caps, then del…it works instantly.

    • help plz

      > it not working mi bb torch 9800 just ceps on reboting wont go on

  • soph

    How do I reset my blackberry torch without it deleting everything? I think its what I need to do but I’m on contract and its been cut off due to not paying the bill, but my bbm worked with a wifi connection and now its not? I’ve been told by a few people to reset it but I don’t want it too delete everything?

    • help plz

      > it can delet all mi staf it ok but want even cam on just ceps on rebotin it self it a torch 9800

  • Ebonie

    Very helpful! I’ve had my phone for 2 years and have never rebooted it the right way. I know I will forget how to do it…glad this is online. I will be back here again =D

  • help plz

    help pls mi black berry torch 9800 wont stop rebooting want cam on

  • help plz

    it wont even cam on just rebots over and over enefen that can help me ppppppllllzzz it ok ef it delets evrefen

  • fetuga olaj

    i dont know what is wrong with my phone,what i just see is that i was deleting some music and it switch off and started rebooting.but to my surprise,when it boot to a stage,it will switch off and start rebooting.

    • fetuga olaj

      make it snappy because am helpless.

  • fetuga olaj

    please i need your help,my phone just switch off and start to reboot,but to my surprise when it boot to a stage it wii off and start to reboot.please what can i do because i need your help.

  • Trevor Matthews

    I hate it when my bb doesn’t work right. Its so irratating my keypad is not working. Every time I try to type it does not work and then I have to type with my screen

  • kabir naqvi

    i happen to download this stupid theme whicl freezes my fone and nw i can just nt delete it … im nt recieving txts and colls … wat do i doo ??!!

  • nick

    Can’t get the atl shift del to work,

  • Komal

    Hey, I downloaded this stupid theme on my BB Torch 9800 which now has messed up my phone. It freezes the screen plus I cannot open any Icon on the phone including “OPTIONS”, I would have formatted it that way but it’s not even opening up. Please help.

  • Eric

    still wont reboot. stops at Uncaught exception: java.lang.error

  • j

    My blacberry torch isn’t wori like da it isn’t woring what’s goi on. Need sme help plz

  • Zara

    That is the same as mine! Have you found a solution yet?

  • Kat

    Update Desktop Software yesterday and now having a problem with all of the buttons across the bottom not working properly. Scroll bar works intermittently as well. I’ve pulled battery numerous times, done the Alt/Shift/Del key thing and it didn’t even go black. The Alt key is part of the problem as it will only do one number at a time when I try to type. Today I went back to the previous version of Desktop Software and that worked for a few minutes but then things locked up again. I’ve only had it a year and I’m desperate to get it fixed. Would appreciate any suggestions you have to offer!! Thanks!

  • ray mbuyi

    Hi I just changed the touch screen on my blackberry 9800 and all the sadden my speak isn’t working does anyone have any idea of what might the problem be and how can I fix . I have even bought new flexes for every parts on the phone but still the speaker isn’t working I even bought a new speaker and still its not working I’m just wondering if I have to load a new os after changing a part on a torch

  • halima

    Hi,I cannot delete some pictures I took on my phone jst because I sent it to a contact and A̶̲̥̅♏‎​​ still getting a notification of a ping I have already read.

  • Denise

    Hi,my bb rebooted after i updated my facebook,but now the loading bar is stuck at about 75% for a few hours already?i have a bb curve 8520

  • Rich Berkland

    My bb Torch has been stuck in a reboot cycle for 24 hours. It goes about 75% complete and reboots again. I’ve tried soft & hard starts to no avail. Any thoughts?

  • samuel

    when i hold the alt key and press the cap plusdel boting start but it couldnt complete and stop

  • momo

    please do the contacts go

  • denori

    I had loss all my bbm, how i can geth them cack, lpace

  • Jayp

    thankkk you :]

  • sandra

    my phone is loading but it does not finish i try to reset but it not working

  • thomas

    I tried hard reset and soft reset but still my camera don’t work please help

  • I hve black berry 9300 nd I need to reset my app world bt someone already used it so I need to reset my black berry bt I cnt

  • Andile

    Ahha thanx bra

  • jeremy

    the charge port went kaput on me a year ago and I was unable yo get it replaced, hence, the only way to get it working was to charge another battery and change. this is did, via battery pull, the torch is now dead, will no longer boot, no light nada

  • Tambra Sewell

    I can’t get my blackberry torch 9810 to come bak on. I hv charged the phone an nothing.

  • Carol

    My blackberry smart2 9550 is blinking power on but doesnt display anything on the do I format it

  • nikki

    hi, need help urgently. blackberry 9800 has error 606. how do I fix this. Please tried everything, phoned won’t connect to update the software. so I now stuck.

  • jason logie

    my phone is frozen & it wont reboot…

  • stanford

    My blackberry Torch 9800 doesn’t load,when the progress bar reaches the middle it restarts the process over and over again. Iv tried soft and hard reset it doesn’t work. Please help the phone has valuable info inside and my pc can’t detect it.

  • kelly

    hello iv done the soft reset many times also battery pull,still buffing,loadin bar stops at the letter e every time!help me please

  • Omar Olvera

    i tried to make the update of the software and it indicated that for some reason it was not able to do it and now my blackberry torch does not work it will just show the llogo and loading and then it wont do anything how can i make it work again ?

  • Asereht

    some my keys do not work and my phone got locked up until i have to type in blckberry what do i do… can i reset it and then just put in my password

  • Cindy

    my phone is only reaching digicel and not starting up how can i fix this problem?

  • Titus Aondona

    I have done the procedure but the phone isn’t booting completely. it stops at the blackberry logo on start up. What do I do?

  • Mikayla smith

    My screen won’t show anything at all ! Why ?

  • Mikayla smith

    My screen won’t show but the keys are still lighting up! Why?

  • Jessie

    My blackberry won’t reboot fully it stops at like 75% and everything way I found to make it turn on is to wipe all the data but I haven’t backed it up on my computer so is there a way I can turn it on without wiping all the data!

  • abdinur

    My blackberry was fully charged suddenly after going out of network coverage the phone become hot and went off.untill now am unable to charge or turn it on.

  • obakeng

    got problem with my bb 8520 since yesterday its been rebooting I have tried pressing da esc for safw mode rebooted it many times already n its still gets stuck on one place n wont switch back on its been more than 10 hours now, HELP

  • himanshu

    my blackberry 9800 is not work just restart itself

  • Stan Humchitt

    my Blackberry 9800 won’t allow me to make any calls, is there something to do to get it fixed?

  • Stan Humchitt

    my Blackberry 9800 won’t allow me to make calls.How can that be fixed?

  • Stan Humchitt

    absolutely unable to dial out with the touch pad or text, but when using the contact name from the SIM, and touch call, it works,

  • nadine

    i cant get pass my login screen after rebooting. my bb 9810 is frozen at the login screen

  • william

    My bb turns on by itself when I insert the battery. The problem is it doesn’t fully turn on. it reboots the whole time and it repeats the same thing over and over. What should I Do?




    No application linked factory 05

  • Kim

    hi i need some help a friend of mine downloaded an app from bb app world and now the it shows loading the whole time yesterday its so bad the scroller does not even scroll